October 20, 2005

School is the same, but I think that is probably a good thing. I love that time in the semester when you finally get comfortable with the professors’ teaching and testing styles. I also just got over a nasty cold and I am back to normal- or as close as I can get!

Well, as far as news goes, my volleyball team (the Doolittle Pigeons), is currently undefeated!! The competition is tough because there are about 30 other teams in the league. Crew is also going well. The other day we had enough girls to take out a full boat with NO guys and we had a blast! A dolphin swam near our boat and I got really excited. I just love it here in Florida. I am still walking around in shorts and tank tops, when back home in Minnesota my mom and boyfriend tell me that it’s like 20 degrees and snowing. This Halloween is actually going to be my first Halloween with no snow. It’s going to feel so weird. When I was little I had to wear warm clothes to go trick-or-treating, so if I wanted to be a ballerina I had to wear snow pants under my tutu! I’m really excited for Halloween this year because elementary students from Daytona Beach are going to be trick-or-treating in our dorms, and we are planning on decorating the entire hallway for it! Well, I’m going home on Monday, December 12th, right after my last exam. I can’t believe how fast the time is going by. It feels like I just got here and now I will be home in less than two months! I can’t wait to see my family and friends, and especially Dougie. I miss him so much. For any of you out there who are considering a long distance relationship, my best advice for you is to remember that if both people want to make it work, it will. It also takes a great deal of trust from both sides. A cell phone with good reception and a ton of minutes to talk is also a must. In fact, I think distance can actually make a relationship stronger. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we really care about someone until they’re not around every day. That’s just my 2 cents. I hope it helps someone.

Have a great day!

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