October 20, 2005

Hello all you journal readers,

I hope everyone is doing good!! things are getting better here in Daytona Beach. School is going good, my grades are up and all is well! The past 2 weeks have been VERY exciting down here. Not much has happened here around school other than sports events! I went to the Riddle vs FSU hockey game last friday, IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! the place was packed with wild and crazy fans, we beat them 5-1! Riddle is awesome at sports, anyway, we were hitting them REAL hard, no fights though. My favorite saying of the night came around when there was about 2 minutes left in the game. Everyone was like “warm up the bus, warm up the bus, it’s time go hooommmeee” and everyone whips out their keys and shakes them. it was REALLY fun!! I recommend anyone who hasn’t gone to a hockey game before. .. GOO!! there are incredible. I went to visit my older brother in Melbourne last weekend, he took me out with his friends then we went to a bar and listened to local bands. (there are some gooodd garage bands out there) I helped him move into his new place. I was really sore and all, and his g/f runs her own massage clinic, so i got hooked up with FREE PAMPERING!! I worked yesterday and it was the best work day i’ve had since i’ve worked there! all we did was mess around and take pictures all day, it was great.

The weather around here is FINALLY clearing up, it kept raining day in and day out, but it hasn’t been raining that much at all!!! It’s been really nice, it’s not too hot either. Like 2 or 3 days out of the week it’s typical hot florida, but any other time it’s actually kind of cool, and I’m from up north, but I’m beginning to become a Floridian, so cool to me now is like 75 or so. At night it drops down to about 68 or so i’m guessing, I had to wear a hoodie last night. I was loaded with homework the past week, i felt like i had too much to do EVERY NIGHT, air space and flight planning worksheets, plotting, writing essays, studying for test/quizzes, reading books, studying things i wasn’t quite sure of. I’m sure EVERYONE has had one of those weeks where you’re just like “PLEASE JUST GIVE US A BREAK!” but it’s weird how every teacher/professor loads you with stuff all at once. Things have settled down now that we’re into the new chapters and things.

I have had lots of people add me to their AIM list and ask me questions, I’d be glad to answer ANY questions that ANYONE has about ANYTHING. I know a lil bit more than most freshman around here, where to go for what, who to call to know this, ways around different things, etc. once again for those who haven’t been reading or haven’t read my journal and what not, my AIM screen name is gibso2j . . so yeah, i’m usually up rrreeeaaalllll llate all the time, I’m an insomniac, which means I can’t sleep or have problems getting to sleep, and the cool thing is, it doesn’t affect me at all, until the weekends when I WANT to stay up. Anyway, you guys can contact me at anytime. Questions about housing, where is the best place to live, meal plans, car or no car?, things like that.

Things are starting to get a little hectic here in Daytona because of Biketoberfest this upcoming weekend! I was out and about Saturday night and it took me 10 minute to move one block on A1A, bikers are EVERYWHERE and things have BARELY BARELY heated up yet, I hear that you can’t get ANYWHERE once it all starts up , the best thing to do is walk, but my friends and I have some cheap rooms along the beach that we’ve reserved for this wknd, I don’t know if I’m going or not because my McKay hall friends invited me to an NHL game on the 22, but bike week is bike WEEK so i’ll have plenty of time to check out all the sweet street bikes..THE FOOD IS GREAT! I had about 7 meal plans left and went over to the cafateria EARLY (or else all the good drinks and snacks are gone ) and used up all my meal plans and stocked up my room with food, drinks, and snacks!! I had Sobes, chocolate milk, subs, pizza, chicken wraps, starbucks coffee, cookies, pies, just EVERYTHING, . ’twas good. Anyway, basically I’ve just been having fun ever since I got here, but the downside is I miss my girl, she knows who she is. Relationships can get tough during college, but anywho..

I got bored early on today and decided to make up a scavenger hunt list, and I got about like 12 guys and 3 girls to join, and we’re going in teams of 3 and doing EVERYTHING on the list, we have to record it so we have proof, and see who gets done first, .. my list of things is CRAZY!! So I’m off to do that here pretty quick, the hunt should take about 5 hrs or so, maybe longer, I just wanted to see how everyone was doing and let everyone know that Riddle is an OOKKKK place! hehe. well, if anyone wuld like to know about anythig else or my experiences thus far, just let me know by AIM, or post your thoughts/requests up on the message board, thanks guys!! c-ya!

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