November 3, 2005

Hey Everyone,

Studying. That describes the last two weeks to every degree. I have been learning and studying like crazy for all my classes. I still have two tests this week. Tests in college are a lot different than high school, because even though the textbooks have units and chapters, professors assign the weirdest combination of chapters for a test. So you can be learning about the industrial revolution on one hand and India and the Middle East, its traditions, culture and history on the other. It’s weird but I have adapted as much as I can. School for me, has been much better than high school. I like learning specific things that will be helpful to me in a career. Sitting in classroom is fun for me.

Continuing on the academic side of things, I registered for my spring semester of classes! It was really great because since I am the treasurer of Task Force One, which is sponsored by the Student Government Association, I was allowed to pre-register for classes.. This allowed me to get all the classes I wanted before they filled up for the semester. I was really happy because my schedule is a lot like this semester, whereas my classes are in the morning and I have all afternoon to relax. I am taking 5 classes next semester, down from 6 this semester, but one of my classes this semester is 1 credit hour, which means the workload isn’t as extensive as my other classes, which are 3 credit hours. Next semester will be tough, I won’t lie, because I will have macroeconomics, managerial accounting, advanced computing, business statistics, and principles of aeronautical science. So there will be lots of work in my room next semester.

Well, I mentioned Task Force One, and I will give you the first public announcement of our fall event! On Friday, December 2, 2005, Task Force One presents… Rockin’ The Holidays! Now, I don’t expect you guys at home to come, but for the people already on campus who read my journal, there will be food and a concert, with a great local band, that I will name in my next journal entry (they have not yet been confirmed, but soon… definitely.) So come on out, though it made be geared toward first year students, everyone is more than welcome! We will have this, rain or shine! (In case of rain, it will be moved indoors.)

Speaking of rain… last week we had quite a lot. Hurricane Wilma blew over Florida, and we Riddle students waited and waited all weekend for the administration to give us the news that we all wanted to hear. Sunday came and passed, and then at 7 am Monday morning I was rudely awoken by some news I normally never hear until winter. Classes canceled. Yay! What a relaxing day Monday was. Of course now that I am in Florida, I’ll never get a snow day so one hurricane day felt good.

The week was also shortened on the other end because Friday was university day, which kicked off homecoming weekend ’05. The highlight of the weekend for myself was seeing the host of “Mind Of Mencia” on Comedy Central, Carlos Mencia perform live in the ICI center. He was hilarious. I loved his ability to teach and entertain at the same time. He also signed autographs for any person who wanted one after the show, so when I met him, he was really nice. He really earned the respect of many people, young and older and I really appreciated him coming to Embry-Riddle.

Well, I’m sure you’re pretty excited about high school years and your college years to come and I hope that my journals have given you something to look forward to, should you arrive in Daytona Beach one August or January afternoon.

With Hope for You,

P.S. The young man from Spruce Creek High School, who emailed me, please email me back because I mistakenly deleted your email. Thanks.

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