November 3, 2005

Sup Guys?
I went home this weekend (27th-30th) ! I was excited and thrilled. I spent a lot of time with my family and my dog. I had two exams this past week that I got over with, which relieved me and I got home without worrying about any kinds of exams.

My exam on Wednesday was in Psychology, I studied for the test for about 3 hours on and off. So about 2 straight I¹d say. I did well, the last one I didn’t do so well so I HAD to do well on this one so I can pull at least a B. It’s not that easy because he covers many chapters on one exam plus you have to memorize much other stuff, that’s why it is PSYCHOLOGY. The other one was right the next day, which killed me. And Guess what it was? The subject I hate, Chemistry!! It was tough again. We got into a study group and studied for 5 hours straight!! Now that was the first time I actually studied Straight for five hours. I felt exhausted after that and went to bed right away; this was Wednesday night after the Psychology exam. In Chemistry, there are so many formulas you have to remember, plus the right equations to solve it and to balance its a pain! My other classes I am improving quite well, but slow. I usually start bad but then regain control because I get used to the system. My first tests I didn’t do too well as I mentioned on my last journals so I am catching up now.

The weather has be fantastic here! I am so surprised it feels like Europe. It is around 50-60 during the night and about 65 during the day. It is just phenomenal and I love it, I go outside just for a walk nightly, that’s how much I love the cold. Some students study outside because its so nice, but then you have other distractions such as the wind blowing all your papers off or a friend calling your name. The best thing is library, it is quite and peaceful, where nobody will distract you. But If I see you, I will. Just kidding!

Now since everybody will probably write that school was cancelled that day because of Hurricane Wilma, we were quite surprised. The reason behind that was because we are a private school and they do not close if other schools or post offices close. It is up to the Chancellor to close the school. The night it increased to a Category 3 Hurricane, it was still open which surprised me, it said we will get winds exceeding 30MPH. Then when I woke up in the morning around 6 I checked and it was terrible outside, school was still open. There was no way I could have gone outside, even with an umbrella it would have blown it away. So I decided not to go to class until things calmed down, which they did six hours later. But by then all my classes were gone and classes were cancelled within an hour, at 7 am.

So here I am on a Sunday night writing this, tomorrow I have a lab at 7:50.. I have to get up at 7 which is not too bad compared to High School. Then I got classes at 8:15, 9:45 and 1:00. I get with my friends to eat lunch at 11:30 always and we have a good time. My best friend here from Croatia won the National Championships in Tennis and is going to Ohio State University on Wednesday to play for higher NCAA II Tennis. If he wins, he can get some kind of entry into U.S. Open or things like that. Amazing player he is. You can view him by looking at the tennis section of our athletics. Ok Guys, Cya remember my AIM: Mafia6663

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