November 3, 2005

That was the FASTEST 2 weeks thus far!!! I can’t believe it!! time is going by so fast down here it’s unreal, I hope it was just as fast for all of you guys!!! The past two weeks here in Daytona have been REALLY good. we had two 3 day weekends in a row which made it feel like I hadn’t been to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes FOREVER. . which felt really good! we had a Monday off due to hurricane WILMA!! and last Friday off due to homecoming, and I didn’t have UNIV 101 all that week either, so it was a BEE-EE-EEHH-YOU-TIFUL week last week! I never get why they give these huge hurricanes lil wimpy names like Katrina, Wilma and tropical storm Ophelia, they need names like BERTHA or something., haha.. I had LOTS of fun over for the SPOOKY holiday. went to a big sigma chi party, it was fun, really fun. there were lots of really crazy costumes there, LOTS OF FIRE CHICKS!!! haha. I was a mime. I was going to go trick or treating with some friends but ended up going with an older buddy of mine on his instrumental check ride, which was a LOT better than trick or treating!! down on the first floor south wing of Doolittle, they turned it into a haunted hall which is pretty sweet, I haven’t been in it yet, but it should be up for a while so I’ll be sure to check it out sometime soon. Over in Spruance Hall earlier today, EVERYONE on staff and faculty was all dressed up, it was pretty cool! usually we don’t hand out candy at Abercrombie&Fitch cuz they are dumb and have stupid policies, but our manager hated saying no to the little kids all the time, so she gave in and gave out candy. . it was pretty nice of her. there were TONS of little kids running around campus and the students were handin’ out candy, only at Mckay tho, cuz there doors are outside, at least that’s all i saw on my way to the flight line. cute kids! That’s about it for Halloween!! lol

as for other things, i’ve had a busy past couple of days, . i got my Private Pilot book stolen from me or i misplaced it. . lol. . so i didn’t have a book for about a week and a half and that was a killer, so i had to work on finding it, i ended up finding out that some chick took it from me during a study session 2 fridays ago, and she left my papers in it ,and my professor found it. .lol. . my car is acting up right now, the right brake is being DUMB! it locks up every once in a while and i have to pull over if it gets bad to let it cool down or something it’s weird. . lol. i keep putting it off which isn’t good. . haha. i finally got my FIRST credit card bill, almost 2 months LATER!! the minimum payment is only FIFTEEN bucks, i was surprised, that’s pathetic! but of course i’m gonna pay more than that … but enough about that stuff.,,

More and more people IM me EVERY DAY, which is pretty cool. If you wanna know about the campus or Riddle or what i’ve been doing here in Daytona, i can answer you w/ specific details, but i’m a new one when it comes to the aeronautics. . so i can only tell you what i know, i have a friend who’s only 19 and has a LOT accomplished already, he has his private, multi, CFI, instrument, commercial and is currently working on his CFII, cfi=certified flight instructor. . i don’t know what cfii stands for because it sounds weird if you say certified flight instructor instructor. . lol, but i know that with a cfii you can teach instrument. he’s a cool kid. right now we are working on weight, balance and performance in my basic aero sci class, it’s very interesting stuff, sometimes it gets REALLY tough since i’m new at everything, my professor acts like everyone should already know this stuff which is bull crap, so he just flys by all the charts from the C172 manual and expects us to kow it all, but here’s the deal, EVERY time i get in a cock pit, it just gives me goosebumps and motivates me sssoooo much.

The florida skyfest was this past weekend, i saw some pretty amazing things, but the best feeling was sitting in the cockpit of a KC-135 i think it was, a BIG 4 turbine engine military aircraft, about as big as a 737 or so, it was like i got a glimpse of my future!! ’twas AMAZING. i saw history flights (so they say ) from the P-51 mustang, and the A-10, but the best part of the air show was the turbo truck. which was a semi with THREE JET ENGINES on the back, here is a lil math problem for that —> 3 turbine engines + big rig wrecker = 36 THOUSAND horse power, YA! it was ridiculous, i was cussin’ up a storm when i saw that thing take off after a stunt plane passed it, it beat the crap outta the stunt plane. the stunt plane passed ever the truck and went flying by, then the turbo truck took off and passed the stunt plane with NO PROBLEM, it went from 0-350 in like 5 seconds i kid you not!! well folks, i’ve been up for about 2 days STRAIGHT, and i aint kiddin’, my eyes are stinging me and i’m squinting in the dark, and i get goofy when i don’t sleep, i get all slappy happy sometimes, lol, but ya, i’m gonna get some sleep, it’s 11:19 right now and i don’t have to get up until noon:30 so i can get some good sleep time!! once again for all you readers who are new, my AIM name is gibso2j if you wanna chat, i have tons of new online friends! most of you know who you are! so yeah, IM sometime w/ questions and i’ll help ya out as best i can! tell ya more about my Riddle experiences! haha, well i’m off to bed now folks ! and just a lil FYI.!! no matter HOW much you hate highschool or your hometown (if you do) you definitely miss it! enjoy high school while you can!, not that college life isn’t better, BECAUSE IT IS! , but it’s hard to explain, you’ll see what i mean some day, haha, well , i’m off to bed now, for real, haha, bye everyone!

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