November 3, 2005

Hey, guys!! Long time, no speak.. or so it seems :o) This past week, fortunately, has been AMAZING!! Let’s recap.

On Monday, we had no school due to HuRrRiCaNe WiLMa!! So, I went to the beach with my friends Beth and Marcus. Then, we went back to Marcus’ house and ate breakfast. Around 5:15, I get a phone call from a random guy named Phillip who is a member of the AHP frat. He said to be in my room between 6 and 7. So, you’d better believe I was there. At about 6:05, there’s a knock on my door. I open it to find five pledges with TONS of presents from my BIG sister. For those of you who aren’t so familiar with Greek life, a big sister is someone in the sorority who has more experience. Big/Lil week is when we, the lil, are showered with presents.

Anyway, I’m really excited for the remainder of that day. So, I go to sleep and wake-up for class on Tuesday. I have three classes, but nothing due. It was one of those show up and look pretty days. Then, that night, I have a meteorology club meeting. They had a local meteorologist come in and talk to us about his career. Then, afterwards, the president of the meteorology honors society got up to speak. After he’s done with his talk, he calls me to the front of the room. In front of EVERYONE, he gives me my BIG sister present. It was awesome!! After the meeting, my friend Rachel and I go with Marcus to the store to get some Halloween costumes. Then, we call it a night.

Wednesday was awesome, too. We went to the CaReeR eXPo with University 101. So, class got out earlier than expected. Not feeling so well, I go to bed around 8. At about 11, I hear this pounding on the door. My big sister sent our Xi Man from last year (that’s what we call our sorority’s sweetheart) to deliver me some presents. It was so cute!! I was so excited. She baked me a cake that said: I love my lil Maria.. is that not the cutest thing you’ve EVER heard?! After this, I’m feeling slightly better. So, I eat some of the cake with some friends and go to bed, again.

Thursday morning, I wake up pretty excited because it’s the last day of classes for the week. It was homecoming weekend!! So, I make it through the day. Then, I start getting ready for the first Halloween party of my life. I never used to celebrate this occasion. While I’m getting ready, I get a phone call from a guy named Paul. He’s in the Pike frat. So, no less than 10 minutes later, he shows up at my door with a TON of presents from my BIG sister. I’m so excited, too, because the men she sends me get cuter and cuter each day. Later on, I go to the Pike party with some of the sisters and pledges. We have a great night and close down Cancun Lagoon. I have pictures.. at the end!!

On Friday, I have to wake up to go shopping around 9. Then, I start making a shirt that has to be done by 1 for the parade. When I get it on without ruining the paint job, I grab some food with the girls at Propellers. It was great.. I love hamburgers!! Then, we head over and work on the float until the parade starts at 3. Before the parade starts, an SAE brother came over and said his pledges were going to sing to me. They sang the sweetest song about how I’m a rose or a violet or something. Then, they gave me tons of presents!! After the parade, we go back to take a nap until the basketball game. Two of our sisters were up for HoMeCoMiNG QueeN, but didn’t quite make it. I was bummed, but such is life. After the game, we got ready for the Sigma Chi party. It was a GREAT time. I’m not one for partying.. I don’t drink. I just love people!!

On Saturday, I get to sleep in. I’m very happy about this, too. Went to see Carlos Mencia at the ICI around 8. He was HILARIOUS. Never seen his show, but will be watching it, now. After that, I hung out with my friend Derek. We watched a movie and fell asleep. I was all partied out.

Sunday, was fun. I went to a BBQ for my sorority at Ponce Inlet. I saw dolphins swimming SoOo close you could almost touch them!! It was fantastic. Then, we had our new member meeting. After that, I called a Pike brother to ask for some help with Calculus 1. Now, I’m writing this.

I had a great weekend. This week shouldn’t be horrible, but I have a bit of homework due. So, I’ll be a little stressed. I have some pictures, now. Hope ya’ll enjoy them. If you ever have any questions, feel free to e-mail me:


















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