January 18, 2006

Hi all!

Hope everyone had a great new year and a good one to come. I also hope everyone had a nice Christmas and got all their Christmas wishes fulfilled. I was home the entire time and spent time with my family and dog. I enjoyed every bit of it. But a month off of school was a bit too long

When I arrived, I was very happy, thrilled to be home. My friends called me and all wanted to do something. But I only had time for one at a time. So I managed pretty good and stayed in touch with some of my friends. But when I left Embry-Riddle, I had to say goodbye to two of my very good friends. One left for Connecticut and the other for New Hampshire, both in the North East. However I promised my friend that I will visit him in Connecticut, the other one from New Hampshire can come visit me then, so we can all see each other. I am going there before the Fall Semester of 2006.

The fall was not a happy semester for me. I had to switch rooms three times and lacked a lot of sleep because of that. I could not focus, study or just be in peace. All this resulted in my Grades. I did not fail any Classes but for me, the grades I had were not sufficient for myself. This spring I will do much better and I promised myself that. I promised myself that so bad, that if I didn’t, I would drop out of it because it’s so expensive. Sometimes in college you come to points and realize a lot of serious things, such as how expensive it is to go here. It is easy to spend money but to earn money takes a lot of work from your back and brain. I have also had to say goodbye to some other friends because they could not pay anymore for this school which I completely understand.

My favorite part about returning to this school is just hanging out with my friends. I miss them a lot because now, they are a part of your life. You tend to keep in touch with friends in college a lot more then in high school because once you get here, you will see why. When you live with someone, things are also different. But this is college, it’s all about experience. Now I will be taking Human Factors (that is a class required for Air Traffic Management), Social Studies, Weather, Computers and Economics. It shouldn’t be that hard unless a class surprises me. But we will see and I will keep you updated of my status.

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