January 26, 2006

Well everyone, it’s back to COLLEGE!! I had such a wonderful christmas break it was UNREAL! I hope all of you guys had a WONDERFUL BREAK!! I got to see all of my old friends..It felt SO good to be home again! Although it feels like i never even left here, while I was home, it felt like I was there for a lifetime! It’s a PARADOX!! AAAHHHH!!! I still have some things to straighten out with riddle since it’s the new semester, but other than that all is going VERY well! Of course I missed Daytona Beach.. I never really realized how lucky I am to go to school in the most famous beach in the world doing what I love! it’s great!!!

Embry-Riddle’s baseball season should be very interesting to watch this year, I’m still rather upset I didn’t make the team, but not making the team just gives me time to get bigger, better, faster and stronger. Plus, I have tons of free time now that I probably wouldn’t have if I were playing, but I’m still going to go to all of the games and see what I’m missing out on!!

I went to my Mom’s in Melbourne last week to see her, my nana & papa and my big brother.. it was awesome. I did tons of things with my brother. My mom cooked excellent meals all day everyday! I went for longboard rides, drove around during Saturday night dance party and got lost!! The BEST part of all was the beach party! I had the most wonderful time ever.. we had a fire on the beach in Melbourne with tiki tourches and surf boards sticking outta the sand, just like in the movies! It was sweet!!!

Well enough about things other than school, these journals are to let others realize how the school is and things about the college and life around school. Today was the launch of the probe to Pluto! It was my first sight of a rocket launch, I JUST made it outside to see it come up over the horizon!

My new roommate Tom is a LOT cooler than my last roommate. My last roommate played computer games 20/7.. I kid you not! He kept me up all the time and it was very frustrating… but ya! this semester should be a lot better than last semester. At least I hope so! I am very content with my schedule this semester, on MWF, I have math 915-1015, speech 1030-1130 then basic aero 1-2, it’s GREAT! I set up my MWF so I don’t get up TOO early, have a nice break before basic aeronautics in case I need to talk with my professor before a test or class, AND I end my day REALLY early!! Now my TTh schedule is more of a lazy sleep in day. I get up at 11, have business from 1115-1230 then set myself up with a nice 1.5 hr break, then have psychology from 215-330. I feel it’s a wonderful perfect schedule for me! and I have nights to work once I get a new job. . oh YEAH! ABERCROMBIE & FITCH…I quit that job and plan on being a server somewhere …. but until then I’m doing landscape work and building things constructionally for a Fla. state attorney! It’s AWESOME!

Well I feel like I am boring for some reason, LOL. don’t ask why.. but I’m in psychology class right now and my professor finally got the projector working so our little break is over! I have to pay attention!! bye everyone!. . ‘Til next time. . peace

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