January 26, 2006

Ciao, Here it is, our Spring Semester has started and this is our first journal writing about it. I am very excited about my classes and they are way much easier then last semesters. Here they are :

Economics, Human Factors & Systems, Intro to Computers, Meteorology, and International Studies.

These are all General Education courses except the Human Factors. After this year, I will start taking all the upper level classes and will be happier because that will mean every semester I will have Air Traffic classes. This semester I promised to myself that I will HAVE to get above a 3.0 minimum GPA because if I don’t, I will be very, very disappointed in myself. But that will not happen because I am going to challenge myself incredibly.

I only have one class on Tuesday and Thursday so I am pretty much free that day. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have four. That’s when I am busy during the afternoon. But it is a big relief when it is all over. It kind of all goes by very fast. It’s exciting to be writing this and sharing information with all of you. As a matter of fact, I have just met now one of my buddies that read this journal before he got here. He is having a blast and is enjoying himself at Embry-Riddle. I gotta say there are a lot more girls this semester then last semester, I have no idea why. Good news for the guys because we are all suffering from single-itis.

The weather has been really nice. It has barely ever rained for these 3 weeks and it’s just fantastic outside. A little chilly for the Floridians but for me it’s perfect. Many people have started to run around campus due to the weather. Five of my really good friends that were in this school have left because either they cannot afford it anymore, or they have decided they want to do something else with their lives. It is sad to see so many of your good friends leave while you were with them almost every day. Your friends here become kind of your family because it is here where your life is. Home is always home, but the friends you have at home will be just kind of put aside until you graduate. But of course you gotta stay in touch with everyone.

Ok, if anyone needs anything E-mail me at DinkoResidovic@hotmail.com and I will answer all your e-mails I promise, there has not been one that I have not. Best wishes to every single one of you and hope you choose Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as your place to study!

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