February 9, 2006

Hey Everyone! Hope you’re all warmed up to the school life already, I know I am, maybe I’m just saying that because I had a longer break then most of you readers. Well I’m getting ready to start flying again. I’ll probably be able to fly more this semester than last because I only have one job this semester! The Daytona 500 IS COMING UP SOON. THAT WILL BE AMAZING!! I’M GOING! It’s awesome that I get to go to the Daytona 500; it’s going to be a crazy experience, I CAN’T WAIT! Then bike week is coming up a bit later. I might rent a bike or something! The Rolex 24 was just last weekend, people were camping out near riddle and I all the fields around the airport, camp fires were burning, I love the smell of camp fires, it reminds me of home in Pennsylvania!! But anyhow, Daytona was pretty nutz during the Rolex24, I don’t even want to know how bad it’s going to get during the Daytona 500.

On to the next deal of things.. STEELERS WON THE SUPERBOWL!!!!. . It felt so good to see those guys win. It’s only right that they won. ahhaha. Bettis did well, whatta a way to retire !!! My superbowl Sunday was alright, I’m sure that it would have been better back home, I heard that back in PA, people all over the city were representin’ the Steelers!!! haha..

All of my classes are going really well right now. The only class that I EVER worry about is my Basic Aeronautics class. Only because it’s my LIFE! HAHA. Psychology is pretty cool. Makes me think about the brain quite a bit. Kinda like an endless cycle of you thinking about yourself thinking of you thinking while you’re thinking. Business is pretty much all common sense. Speech is just a bunch of people talking, including the teacher. Math is just like it was in high school, pretty easy as long as you pay attention. So school is all good.

The weather is constantly changing down here. One day it’s pouring, the next day its chilly and clear when all of a sudden there’s a tornado warning, yesterday was cloudy and muggy and tomorrow it’s gonna be beautiful, just perfectly beautiful. Me personally, I like the cool-warm full overcast days…

I had an awesome last semester, but dealt with a LOT of problems dealing with LOTS or things, pretty much everything. The big things included me TOTALING my car. Then over break, some low life thief stole my new laptop. And on top of that, my car just RANDOMLY overheated one night and wouldn’t stop. SO!,.. I had EVERYONE look at my car EXCEPT my dad. lol, I had mechanics tell me that I had a blown head gasket, I had my friends dad who’s a barn yard mechanic tell me that I could have water in my oil, I thought it was the radiator and it just needed some water and the antifreeze was low. lol anyway, I FINALLY told my dad and he said that the thermometer probably just got too hot and screwed up. So we went to this shop and bought a brand new thermometer for 8 bucks.. put it in, and my car ran like new again. haha thought it was pretty funny that all my car needed was an $8 part!

Well everyone, I have lots of tests coming up this week and they’re all the first tests of the semester so I need to do really well on them. I have tons of OTHER stuff to do as well. Next 2 weeks will be crazy-hectic!!! take care everyone!!

Justin B

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