February 24, 2006

Hello again everyone!!!…WOW!!!, what an AMAZING two weeks it’s been since my last entry, it seems like so many great things have happened, so much fun, studying, meeting new incredible people. The past two weeks here in Daytona Beach, FL at Embry-Riddle have been nothing but incredible. Well.. almost, my g/f got ridda me. HER loss huh ladies!?!? Just as long as she’s happy I guess.. : ).

The first week of my last two weeks (which is about 2 weeks ago! haha ) I had an excellent school week, not much homework. But THREE first tests that I did fairly well on, I could have done better of course. I did better than I thought I would on all of them so that made me feel good, like a LOT was lifted off of my shoulders after I took those tests. My ground professor for AS133 gave us a HUGE break from class. We had off a Wednesday for anyone who finished the practice written test, (I did) so I didn’t have to go Wednesday. And he had a JetBlue seminar in Orlando last Friday, so we didn’t have class then, PLUS Presidents day!! It was a nice break from ground school, but it also felt quite good to get things rollin’ again. Hmm.. can’t really think of anything else deadline with school other than the baseball team is kickin’ butt like usual.

OUTSIDE of school/studies, things can only get better!! RACE WEEK was all last week, EVERYNIGHT I was over at the track meeting INCREDIBLE people!! I met the guys who sang the National anthem for the truck races, they cooked breakfast a bunch of times but me and my buds never went! ha.. Will Ferrell was there, Will Smith, President Bush (whoopty doo) and tons of other people. My roommate and I met a really great guy who hooked us up big time for the Daytona 500. I’ll get into that later tho. The races during race week were unbelievable, although I was in the infield most of the time, when I DID get into the grandstand for the Hershey race it was the BEST experience ever. I never even THOUGHT that those stands could hold that many people, I sat at Petty tower, which is way up in the checkered seat section. I like it up there so I can actually see the whole race. I was so used to being so close and only seeing the race as the cars flew by where ever we were, but sitting in the stands was a WHOLE new experience. Now about that guy that hooked up my friends and I with a BEAUTIFUL infield spot for the Daytona 500. He had a HUGE layer platform RIGHT at turn 4. It was the sweetest day ever!! THAT was just race week, there is still bike week to come and SPRING BREAK!!! Although I’m not quite sure what to do for spring break yet, I have a LOT of friends who want to come down, so maybe that’s what I’ll do. Which leads me to my next wonderful chunk of news.

One of my wing mate’s dad BOUGHT him a house here in Daytona just 2.1 miles from the school. Just so happens that RIGHT across the street in the wonderful community, there is ANOTHER gorgeous house for sale, not quite sure about the info yet, but I think it’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, kitch, living, dining room, remote garage. It’s just a beautiful home in a wonderful neighborhood SO close to the school. So my roommate and I and our buddy plan on BUYING it. It’s SUCH a nice house. It has a big back yard and a screened in back patio/porch. It’s got a couple big trees outside for shade and it’s right on the corner! Moving in there would be like pleasantville heaven!! haha. There are SO many advantages to this also… we’re practically buying it, getting mortgage to help pay for it, we’re all getting credit cards to pay for it with frequent flyer miles, if we DON’T decide to stay, we can just sell the house again, for MORE, just in the past while the house went up SEVEN GRAND!! You don’t even wanna know how much it is!! Let’s just say it’s over a quarter of a MILLION dollars. And also, it could be used for a later crash pad once we’re all PILOTS!! And it would be a SWEET summer house,.. I seriously feel like I’m livin’ it up down here!

Well everyone, I’m about to head out to get some errands done, I’m sure you’re all sick of reading by now anyway.. I feel like I have more to write about but I’m having a huge brain fart right now so I’ll save it for later or if any of you talk to me by email or AIM. And Mrs. Bevan, if you’re reading this, I wouldn’t worry about Tom, we’re all takin’ real good care of him down here!

So overall, things are definitely brightening up !! Thats a PLUS in my book. But like I said, I have to run.. so .. I’ll talk to some of you whenever and I do my best to reply to EVERYONES email, they have been pouring in like crazy lately, ..some of you have gotten detailed e-mails back from me that I hope were helpful, peace out everyone!!

ps, spring break IS coming up soon and DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA IS THE PLACE TO BE. I KID YOU NOT!!!!!!

Justin B

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