March 7, 2006

Hi there, journal readers! Hope everything is going great for all you guys and gals out there on my side of the spectrum, things are looking good but not as good as I had hoped. Frankly, I can’t wait for spring break, just two short weeks away and then I can kick back and unwind for a little while. I think I’ve been working too long, and the stress of having four jobs, school work, ROTC and all the little things that come with being on your own have been getting to me. A little vacation would do me good and then I would be fresh and ready to go at life again.

This semester it seems like I can do no right at ROTC, which sucks. I’ve been getting counseling after counseling for little stuff like wearing a braided belt instead of a plain one, and for missing a spot of stubble under my lip, which is fine, I know it’s to be expected; I just wish I could stop making it happen so often! Anyway, I’m well over the limit of three counselings in a semester. This week I had a meeting with the CW/IG, the head of the Inspector General’s Staff, and next week I have to meet with the Vice Wing Commander because I’ve been getting that many counselings. Then I got stuck in the terrible bike week traffic and missed an appointment with my APAS which is a huge no-no, so I had to reschedule for today, and I’m pretty sure I have another counseling in the works for missing that appointment.

Also, over the weekend, one of the senior cadets was killed in a motorbike accident. Traffic here is absolutely terrible right now. The worst part is that I work down at Cold Stone Creamery’s, which is just by the beach. The beach is where traffic is the absolute worst, so there’s no question of me simply not using my car on Bike Week. Biketoberfest had about 200,000 bikers come to Daytona and for Bike Week, it looks like its going to be close on half a million. It takes me half an hour to get anywhere, and you always have to watch out for the bikers, they just don’t care!

Also, just last night, I dealt my first game of blackjack! It was at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa in Orlando. The good thing was, I found a bunch of guys going to the same event, and we all drove down together. I didn’t even know they were going until I walked into one guy’s room to borrow a pair of cufflinks and found out he was going to the same place as I was! That was good, because I had some experienced dealers with me, to clue me in. But I needn’t have worried and it all went great and I’m pretty pleased with the check in my pocket!

Just had a Calc III exam, and got pretty heated up at myself about that, because I expected to score 100%, but I overthought a problem, thought I saw a trick question, and answered it a bit too cleverly. Turns out the straightforward answer was the right one, and I lost points on it. Damn, that annoyed me (after all my devious thinking!). My COM class is starting to annoy me too, we recently had to write out a detailed instruction manual on how to assemble a Lego all in words, no pictures. Try it, why don’t you. You’d chuck the damn things at the wall in five minutes.

Anyway, I can’t wait for spring break. Time to unwind. Relax. Ahhhh. I’m going to break this off on that happy thought, and bid you guys adieu.

MOTTO FOR THE FORTNIGHT: You might be an engineer if you think Spring Break is a metal fatigue failure.

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