March 23, 2006

Hey all!

Last week was sooo busy! We all had lots of tests and projects and papers due. Our professors treated this past week like it was finals week. At least I had a whole week off to be excited for, and right now I’m writing this from Kenny’s grandparents’ house in Port St. Lucie, Florida (about 2 hours south of Daytona). I’m having a blast here because this is my first spring break in three years!! (Since I went to college the last two years of high school, my college spring breaks were never at the same time as my high school spring breaks).

We have been here since Friday after school, and we have just been relaxing and going to the beach most days. His family is awesome, and he has the cutest little cousins. The picture of us on the left was taken a few minutes ago when he was just dorking around haha.

Have a great break!


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