March 23, 2006

Hey everyone! Here it is: Spring Break. And I’m in Daytona. I’m really glad I stayed here, even though almost everyone else went home. I went to the beach yesterday, which was fun. Windy, but fun. I’m also trying to make the most out of having my room to myself. Both my roommates went out of town, so this week I have everything to myself. It’s great. There’s been a fair amount of getting in trouble for people down here, probably partly due to the increase in cops, and also the novelty of a week with no school and nice weather. I’ve been trying to steer clear of trouble as best as I can though 😉

A couple weeks ago, one of the “super-seniors” here, who was also in AFROTC, was killed in a motorcycle accident. That Friday we had a memorial service, which was really sad, but also very beautiful in a way. I didn’t know him very well other than that he was my ROTC mentor in September. Condolences to the Brooks family.

Oddly enough, I don’t really have a whole lot else to report. I’m looking forward to the semester ending so I can go back home again. It’ll only be about two or so weeks that I’m home, but there’s a lot I want to do when I finally get back, so I’m excited about that. The trip home in itself is always somewhat of an adventure as well. That’s all for now. Any questions? and post them on the discussion board. Later, kids!

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