March 23, 2006

Hi Guys,

Everybody here is really thrilled about Spring Break. It is just going to be crazy here. Most of us are leaving back home for the week, but however let that not disappoint you. Spring Break in Daytona Beach usually is for just nearly a month long, so by the time we all return, it is still going to be on!!!

Many people come from all over the world just to have fun here during Spring break. Bike week was last week and it was crazy, motorcycles everywhere! The sound kind of got really annoying and my ears didn’t like it. I am going back home to St. Petersburg, FL to enjoy some time with my family since I haven’t seen them in nearly two months. When I come back, the party will be on, but I can’t let that take too much advantage over me, I still have to focus that I am here to study, not party.

I hope that everyone who is reading my journal is really coming to Embry-Riddle and gets in touch with me. I find this a very neat idea for people who are interested to come to a University and be able to actually read what the REAL STUDENTS think of here and experience every week. I believe that when you read from us rather then from the administrators, you will get straight up answers to your questions and not any hidden answers. The weather is still amazing here, which means all the folks who came to party here in Daytona, have chosen the right place. It has been getting warmer and warmer, which I don’t like. But it is Florida!!

Only a few more weeks to go until the Spring Semester is over here, then for the Summer A Term which is from May until late June, I will be taking courses at St. Petersburg at a Community College to save myself some big money. If you can transfer some credits absolutely do so, because it saves you lots of money.

But I chose to come here as a Freshman because I knew what I wanted to do, if you don’t know what you want to do, I’d suggest definitely going to a Community College and taking General Education courses there. Because the upper level courses you can not transfer since it is towards your major here.

Ok that’s it. Please e-mail me at for questions about Embry-Riddle. Have a safe Spring Break!!

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