April 4, 2006

What’s up everyone!?!? Hope everyone had an AWESOME spring break, my trip to Sarasota was the best road trip I’ve had in a while. We missed like 2 exits but ended up finding our way back just fine. We missed the exit in Orlando and the way to get back to the highway was to go through Orland Studios, I was there when I was a kid but can’t remember, so I can’t wait to go!! My roommate and I stayed at his Godmothers home… fun time, came back and finished spring break here in Daytona!!! Spent some time with my Bri-Baby.! Studied the last night…

The school week after spring break went by SO fast. It was nuts.. I love it when that happens, oddly enough. The weekend was slow, even with daylight savings time. Pretty coool. I saw ICE AGE 2:the meltdown… HILARIOUS.. gotta love it!! Also saw Stay Alive, not too bad. I have TONS of work and studying to do its unREAL! All through the 7th I have MAD work to do, but this weekend will be great, gonna feel good to get all that done. We’ve been looking for new houses again, not ones to buy but to rent. We’re looking at one right now that is 100 yards from the beach in Port Orange. 3 bdrm with a guest house 2 bath with with an in ground pool in the front yard. Solid fencing the WHOLE way around, nice drive way, good landscaping, a bar facing the pool, NICE!! Split it 4 ways it won’t be over 450/ month. . .good stuff!! dream life!!. I’m hoping to get a crotch rocket soon, I always wanted one, but after bike week I’m so motivated to get one.. eBay will to the trick, eBay is the best.

The whole baseball deal is going pretty good.. the season got pushed back a week, but since I messed up my arm skating it was just pure luck for me, we had a practice game type thing today with New Smyrna, my team killed ’em.. I had two homers, one solo one a two run shot.. Feels good to play again, I hope I make the team here at Riddle next year… that would be incredible! I just gotta work a bit.. like this amateur league is a warm up for next season.. can’t wait!

BCR this weekend was just nuts, cops were seriously EVERYWHERE. Every street there was a cop I kid you not. A1A had a cop car every 50 yards in the middle of the road or so, my girl and I went to go out for dinner Sunday night and everything in the main part of town was shut down early.. so we went to Olive Garden near campus. I went to the beach Saturday, the CRAZIEST cars I’ve EVER seen on the beach. Impalas with huge rims, old Cadillacs, you know, the “pimped” cars. .lol. . Played football on the beach, couple random guys got in too.. fun stuff, then when we got hot we would of course go for a dip, the water was EXCELLENT. It’s getting better every week! The beach is awesome, especially since I’m from the north.. if I ever have kids, this is where I would want them to grow up.. corny?, lol. . nah, for real, it’s a great place! Speaking of homes, I miss MY home back in pa, good old Oil City. Hoping to get home for Easter, this upcoming Sunday is Palm Sunday so I’ll probably go to church before my practice or ball game..I want all my friends and family to meet my girlfriend Brianna… can’t wait for that!..

Well, I’m really tired, had a rough weekend and ball game and beach today, I’m pooped and it’s almost 4 am.. have class at 9:15.. BED TIME!!. lol.. Just one more thing, I found this SWEET fake palm tree like almost 7 ft tall out side next to the bridge and brought it to our room, it’s legit. lol. One man’s trash is another mans treasure, funny cuz it’s true!. .okay I’m done, don’t forget to email with any question or IM me… blackboard helps too cuz you can get feedback from a bunch of people.. have a good one everyone!! Justin OUT!!. . ( from meet the fockers ). . . ahaha ok.. ya. well . . night!!

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