April 6, 2006

Hey there, journal readers! Wow, three quarters of the way through the spring semester already, I can hardly believe how fast time is flying! Seems like spring break was just yesterday too, test schedules are flying and teachers are handing out assignments left and right. In another four short weeks, by the end of this month, I’ll have one whole year of college behind me! Damn, this year’s flown by; it’s been so much fun! I already have plans for next semester. I’m joining the Avion and the Riddle Players, writing and movie making are two of my great interests and I think its time I indulged myself, hehe. Also priority registration has come and gone. I had a bunch of problems registering because of pre-requisite requirements, but then Dr Gurjar generously waived the pre-req for his class to a co-req, so I was able to register! Hooray! I’ve signed up for EGR 120 and ES 201 at Riddle over Summer A, and they’ve already slapped me with the bill (ouch). Over Summer B I’ll be taking Psychology and HUM 2211 from the Florida Community College at Jacksonville and that’ll bring me to a total of 12 credit hours over summer.

I’ve also overloaded my schedule for Fall, with 19 credits, because I don’t want to take more than 12 over Field Training Preparation semester next spring, but I do want to graduate in four years, so its necessary. Sigh, it’s going to one heck of a Fall, I’m going to be chasing my own tail, but I think it will be worth it, so wish me luck! At the end of that semester, I’ll have Junior standing, which means if all goes as planned and I don’t have to audit any class, I would be one whole semester ahead because I came in with no credits, but I would have four semesters worth of credits under my belt at the end of three. Which is perfect, it puts me right on schedule for graduating in four years. It’s like an unreachable goal, almost, so few are able to finish a BSAE in five years, but it’s been done and I intend to do it too!

I’ve been up and down the state of Florida for my blackjack dealing job, and my good ol’ car has made it worth it, with its awesome gas mileage. I love road trips, and I get paid to have fun while dealing, so this job is definitely my favorite out of all four. A close second is tutoring with First Year Programs, though when there’s no one who needs help I just surf the internet and have fun doing my own thing, which is cool.

Air Force is getting better, I’ve managed to stay out of trouble reasonably successfully so far, and I’m just hoping it will last up to the end of Spring, which is so close! Unfortunately, it won’t be much of a summer vacation for me, as I have 12 credits of schoolwork to attend to, but I’m determined to squeeze in a trip back to California, I miss my home boys and girls back in LA! No place like Los Angeles is what I always say, and nothing gets rid of the Riddle goggle syndrome faster than a flight into Hollywood, oh yeah.

Well, guys, that’s all I have for right now, hope I’ll be able to send in another journal before Finals are upon me! Good luck to all of you guys applying to Riddle out there; it was around this time last year that I got my “Congratulations! You have been accepted” letter and I hope that all of you who tried got in! See you guys in the Fall and peace out.

MOTTO FOR THE FORTNIGHT: The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

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