April 7, 2006

The semester is almost over, I just have to get through finals and I am done with college for about three weeks. I am then going to be taking summer classes back home in order to graduate in the Spring of ’07. I did not realize how many credits this school was going to be accepting until I completed my college career course outline. I had to do all kinds of paper work these past two weeks just to be sure I had not missed any courses or requirements. I declared my minor a week ago which I decided to go with psychology. I still can not believe how fast my college career is going and the fact that I only have one more year to go here at Riddle. In one sense I am excited about getting my name on the FAA waiting list and graduating, but on the other hand I am kind of disappointed that I am going to be leaving this school and thrown into the real world. Things seem to be going very smoothly for me if everything works out and hopefully they will.

I am happy to report that my ATC radar lab is going great now. I was worried for a little while because I was not as proficient at it as I wanted to be in there. Now things just seem to be flowing out of my mouth and the pressure is not as intense because I have a good feel for it. When people say ATC is one of the most stressful jobs in the country, now I know why. I have only gotten a little taste of what working traffic is like and I can’t wait to feel some of the intense pressure involved with the heavier airspaces. It feels good to have these technical sounding commands firing out of my mouth like second nature and actually organizing and controlling all the traffic on the screen. This field is so for me and I am still so happy I came to Riddle to pursue something I am passionate about.

The weather is starting to turn from comfortable to hot here and the sense of the end of the semester is in the air. This past weekend the band New Found Glory came to Riddle and threw a big concert which was sponsored by Touch & Go productions. The concert was really good for Riddle and I managed to get into the front row which wasn’t so good. I got kicked in the face and head like 4 times by crowd surfers but it was all worth it when the lead singer leaned into the crowd right in front of me. That night was so much fun and after the concert it was even more fun with my Fraternity.

I bet most of you future Embry-Riddle students are excited about coming here considering August is getting closer and closer. You should be because a lot of fun new experiences are soon approaching you. I appreciate the comments about my journals from you future students and hope my advice is helping you. Until the final journal entry, keep up in school even though you already have a future awaiting you and stay out of trouble.

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