April 10, 2006

Hello guys!

The weather has been getting warmer and warmer. Today, its really warm. Walking to my classrooms I get sweaty, and so does everyone else. I can’t imagine how its going to be again during the summer. It’s a PAIN. But it’s Florida, what else can we expect? Definitely not snow.

My grades are much better then last semester’s here. As you all know, I had problems being in a room with different roommates, I just couldn’t get along. Now, I have the room by myself and my grades are much better. I am getting enough sleep and don’t have to worry about waking anyone up when I wake up. So far I have an A in my international studies class, it’s a really good class and it focuses much on Europe, and that’s where I am from! No wonder right?? Currently in Meteorology I have a low C and likewise in Human Factors. WX201 I thought would be very easy, but unfortunately half of the class is failing so it’s really hard. But very interesting I must say. Human Factors is psychology, just with systems, that exam was not that easy, but I didn’t study for it, so I deserve it. I am working on it to get a B in that class. Everything else I have a B and currently am glad my grades have improved by every class.

In Summer A, I will be home taking some classes like I said in the previous journal to save myself some major money. But that’s just general education. When I’m done with those classes, I will be very happy and will start taking all of my Air Traffic classes. My friend just recently took the AT-SAT which is the Test for Air Traffic Control students and said it was easy. I’m always looking forward to another semester because each semester life is new. Many ‘new species’ are around and you meet different people. Last semester I read that they are expanding this campus within like 6 years. Its going to double and I’m sure that’s when our school will be in every state’s newspaper, etc. They just recently finished building a new track field right next to our gymnasium which I still haven’t visited. But I can see it when I go on the 5th floor, looks really nice and clean.

I was informed that there is only one more journal to go and then it will be out last sad enough. But I know we all had a blast in writing our experience here at ERAU.

If anyone needs to know anything about this campus please feel free to contact me on the discussion board or at: DinkoResidovic@hotmail.com or IM on AIM as MAFIA6663.

Have a great day!!

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