April 20, 2006

Hey all!

Well, only a few days left for the semester, and I am so ready to be done! I have tons of projects and tests and important things coming up so I will be very busy in the next week and a half. I will be staying for the summer A session, and I will be going home at the end of June, and Kenny will be staying with me in Minnesota until after the 4th of July. Yay! I went to Port St. Lucie again with him this past weekend for Easter and I had a blast. He has seven younger cousins that I love to hang out with, and I got to meet his parents and younger brother and sister from Virginia this time, too. This was my first Easter without snow, so I really enjoyed the egg hunt outside and the pool and the nice weather.

 The weekend before was my formal for Tri-Sigma (the Buccaneer’s Ball), and Kenny’s formal for his fraternity (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), called the Lion’s Ball. We went to both in the same night, and we had lots of fun dancing and taking pictures. At the Lion’s Ball, Kenny got the True Gentleman Award and I am so proud of him! I just wish I hadn’t stepped out of the room just before it was awarded to him so I could have seen him get it!

I just got my placement letter for the RA class and I am going to be an RA in McKay next year. I was thrilled because this was my first choice, and I was very grateful because I also found out that only half of my class was hired. So, if any of you that are reading this and are going to be a freshman in McKay next year, I might be your RA! Drop me an email!

Have a great summer!

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