April 19, 2006

Well this is it guys!

This is the last journal you will be reading for the Spring Semester. Summer is approaching quickly and so are the finals. My earliest final exam will be in Meteorology on April 26th. Not to mention, sometimes we have exams here on Saturdays, so that’s not too uncommon. People are preparing and getting ready to finish this semester, I know everyone is excited! The grades have been much better then last semesters. I can’t say what they all are because half of them are borderline. I got two classes I am trying to get an A in, so I hope that works. Getting an A in college is not easy I must say, it’s hard work.

The weather has been really hot now. I hate it. I can’t even go to class without breaking a sweat, but hey that’s Florida! I’m thinking of maybe moving off-campus and live in an apartment with a friend. It is much cheaper. But for your first year here at Embry-Riddle, I suggest that everyone gets here and lives on campus their first year so you can adjust to your surroundings and get comfortable. Then later maybe move off-campus when you got everything settled. I have been continuing to play soccer with my friends here every weekend and we are just having a blast with it. Only two more weeks to go and I will be going home. I will be there for nearly 2 months taking some courses at a Community College to save myself some major money. With this, I will be close to home and will be excited to eat my mom’s home-cooked meals. The food here I really don’t like, but that’s because I am just bored of it. The first few weeks it was good because it was new, but it kind of got old and just boring. The meal plans here are expensive too.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed reading my journal and hope everyone who is planning on coming to Embry-Riddle comes and meets me. Last year, I was in the same shoes as you guys and was always asking the writer how ERAU was, what’s new, etc. I was excited to hear from a student much more then a faculty. Because I am more realistic, I believe student input has more quality then faculty input. There are always some questions a student would like to ask another student then rather ask the faculty to escape embarrassment. That is why I believe this was a good idea to do and hope you will too next year!

Email me if you have any concerns or questions about ERAU at DinkoResidovic@hotmail.com AIM Mafia6663

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