May 4, 2006

This semester has come and gone so quickly, I can not believe I have been here for an entire year.

Things have been really hectic here the last week of school because of finals; I had so many papers to write. Things are going good though concerning my final grades and I am satisfied with how things will turn out.

It is going to feel good to get another break from doing all of this work for a little bit, by the end of a semester you get kind of worn out in way. The only downside for me is I am going to be taking classes both the summer A and summer B sessions back home in order to graduate and get onto the FAA waiting list sooner.

After my last exam which is AT305 tomorrow at 12:30, I am officially done with the Spring ’06 semester for three weeks until mid May.

Looking back from now, so much has happened this past year. I remember not even 12 months ago I would sit by my computer researching as much as I could about Embry-Riddle’s student life and reading all the journal entries. Now, I am an experienced Riddle student who is even a journal writer — who would have imagined.

Within this year I made a lot of great new friends, joined a Fraternity, passed all my classes with good grades and so much more. I conquered all of my uncertainties and worries I had before I came down here when I was in most of your positions, future freshman.

Looking back on it though, there was no reason to feel that way because this school is great. From my classmates to the faculty and staff here, everyone is really nice and helpful. The Professors I have had this past year were all so knowledgeable, I have a lot respect for just about every single one and I am sure you will too.

To give all of you some advice for when you come here, be yourself and make as many friends as you can. Next year will be my 4th year of college and I always see the same stuff happening with new students.

When you come here it will be like nothing you have ever experienced, you will be alone and need to start over a new reputation and group of friends, no more high school statuses. So, get a good group of friends and stay out of your dorm room as much as you can the first week, unless you are with other people besides your roommates.

Go to as many of the school activities you can for orientation and even the night programs even though they are usually corny, sometimes they’re good. Be the bigger person and go up to as many new people as you can and get to know them, most of you will be new here and have a lot to talk about, so don’t be shy. Just get out there and do it even if it feels scary or weird! If you get asked to go to a Fraternity/Sorority party, you have been introduced to a great opportunity; just do not get too carried away that first night with the fun.

Letting go of home is going to be the hardest part of transitioning into your new college life, your first two weeks will be the toughest. Listen to my advice and I guarantee you will have the time of your life from the beginning of school until the end. Don’t be that kid who sits in his dorm room hiding all day and night.

Finally, sleeping in feels soooo good, but go to class every day because sleeping in or skipping class is almost addictive.

This is my last journal entry and I hope I have helped most of you get a better picture of what college life is really like here at Embry-Riddle. I can honestly say I am proud to be a student here and couldn’t ask for a better school to end up in. College is going to be one of the most fun and exciting times in your life that will definitely define your character. Do as many unique and crazy things you can here because you only live once, there are a few things I do not think I can every forget (no regrets).

If you are wondering about me, I will be senior next year and hopefully graduating next spring. After graduation I plan on taking the summer off and then starting on my Master’s degree before the FAA gives me my call. My future goal and dream is to work in a major center or major tower like the big leaguers in Newark Liberty Airport ATC Tower (EWR).

If anyone ever has any questions or concerns I might be able to help guide you through with, feel free to email me anytime at or come up to me on campus. I wish all of you the best of luck and have a safe summer.

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