October 16

Hey everyone!

Well, another 2 weeks has passed here in sunny, breezy, beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida. I must admit, I have settled down considerably within the last few days since I now have a WHOLE lot of work to do..imagine college being easy? Think again!..and again..and again!!! It’s a non-stop flight of homework and studying that does not cease! Yet, I digress.

I manage to work it out and get over it and have time to have fun with my friends.

Well, last week was a lot..flight kept me very occupied, there are so much stuff that had to be learned out of books! But, it’s really cool when you actually do the maneuvers in the air for real!

So, totally drifting from flight stuff, business class hasn’t been treating me well lately. I had another mid-term test accompanied with a few take-home tests and projects. Thank God that’s over with! Although, I’m not so sure how well I did..hmm..I should look into that soon. Oh well.

Once again diverting to another subject, physics is…physics is..physics is..well, physics, it just is! It’s just there lagging along mainly because I’ve done the course so many times in secondary school and physics doesn’t appeal to me a lot but, it’s mandatory for AS degree, so..oh, and mid-term for that is coming up soon!! (yay me..*says sarcastically*)

OK, so now to the fun part of this journal entry, the weekend! What you’ve all been waiting to hear about what I did this past weekend.

Friday night was just chill. Went to the beach at like 11pm and hung out around the town for a while. It was mm..a bit scary!..but fun with friends none-the-less. Saturday night, movie night at my friend Dan’s room down my hall, yeah, we watched 2 horror movies (Hostel and Saw which were soo funny!) late at night then the girls couldn’t sleep (cause they were scared!), so we all went to Wal-mart like around 3 am and just messed around for a while.

Then, the next day, we went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Did all the roller coasters, then we headed to Halloween Horror Nights in the other theme park. Wow, THAT was awesome! The girls who were with us screamed their lungs off while us the guys laughed so hard at them, it was hilarious. All in all, we all lost our voices and got home at 3 am Monday morning..yep..just in time for physics at 8am! Haha..that’s college for ya!

Overall, life’s been good so far, oh, and this weekend, the biggest most funnest (ok, so my English isn’t perfect!) Hindu festival is coming up! DIVALI! Sad thing is that it’s not celebrated here in the US and I won’t be going back home to Trinidad to celebrate it. So, for everyone out there..Happy Divali!..

I hope all of you enjoyed this little piece today and now, I am off to math112.

Take care everyone, and keep safe

Till next time,


(quote of the week: “I sh*t you not!”)

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