November 28

18 days!!!..Less than 3 weeks before this semester is over and I head back to Trinidad for Christmas break.

Hi readers! Well, this journal entry is probably one of the interesting one you all may read since these past two weeks have been extremely stressful and exciting not just for me, but for most people here in Riddle. The reasons being that class registration took place on November 17th, Thanksgiving break was this past week and, of course, “Black Friday” shopping which I did not miss for the world!

Ok, so..let’s move in chronological order of events..starting off with class registration.

Well, as freshmen, we are granted the ‘exclusive privilege’ of being able to register for our classes after everyone else in the school has. Meaning, we register on the last day for registration-which was November 17th. So, let me explain the process- we are supposed to log onto blackboard online, select our classes in the registration portal and click submit at midnight since that’s when the portal opens up for us to register. Now, consider this- there are over 1200 freshmen attempting to register for probably the same classes as you, at the same time as you are too. This means it takes forever for your request to go through and everything slows down. So, all my hall mates were up waiting until around 1:30am when we found out that the registration system had crashed and wouldn’t be up till 5am. So, I figured since I had a business test that day that I would study until 5am when I would try to register again. So, my friends and I woke up at 5am when we tried again. Nothing happened! So, 5:45 am came around when we all decided to go down to the registration office and wait until they open at 8am to register. I figured why not invite a few other freshmen friends to come wait with us; so by 7am., there were at least 30 of us in front of the registration office waiting. Around 7:30, someone was on his laptop when he shouted ‘it’s working!’ so then we all just grabbed our laptops too and started registering online. I ended up getting all my classes I wanted! Yay!

That night was awesome. We were the first generation of freshmen to overload and shutdown the system for over 7 hours! I felt proud…

The following days were normal and boring until Thanksgiving came up on the 21st. I had no classes on the Tuesday and I had to tell my friends goodbye and wished them a happy Thanksgiving as they all left for their homes in separate directions. Some of my friends and I, however, stayed in Daytona beach. The school was very dead and empty. It seemed like we were the only ones there and we kinda had the entire campus to ourselves! But we didn’t take advantage of it (haha). On Thanksgiving Day itself, we just hung out and went for lunch at Denny’s. No matter how boring you think that may be, when you have your close friends around you all the time, you never feel alone and you have a wonderful time! But the main thing I enjoyed about this past week was ‘Black Friday’ shopping!

Well, my friend Amanda and I decided that we were going to wake up early that morning and head out to Wal-Mart first to get their early deals on DVDs, games and other electronics. So, we woke up around 4am and left for Wal-Mart. After what turned out to be a waste of time there, we decided to head to the mall. Well, let’s just say we tore up that mall like something serious! We hit every possible store that had good deals and good stuff- American Eagle, JC Penney, Dillards, Victoria Secret (for my mom! Lol), Abercrombie & Fitch and other nice stores. We spent about 6 hours in the mall then we were off to Best Buy for electronics, DVDs, and whatever else. Well, let’s just say I started with none and I now have a wide DVD collection! Overall, it was a well-spent day and we had loads of fun!

Well, anyway, I think this piece is getting a bit too long, don’t you? Must be tired of reading my life now. So, I am off to get ready for my business management class. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Take care everyone..

Till next time!


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