Slant Range Sunshine.

POSITION: MYF (Falcon 10)



“The meaning I picked, the one that changed my life: Overcome fear, behold wonder.”


 – Richard Bach 


Happy Summer! It’s been crazy already. So many opportunities going on. Just when I thought aviation couldn’t get any cooler, this happened.  This past week, I received an amazing opportunity: flying with John & Martha King!!



We took a 14 minute sunset flight at 11,500 feet to Borrego Valley (L08) for dinner. And I got the best seat in the house! Andreas took the wing photos- he’s the great photographer, not me.



Watching them fly was so neat. Sometimes when you’re so inspired, you can’t seem to make sense of words, so you sit and watch completely in awe. This was one of those few moments I experienced.



Borrego Valley


Descending into L08



California is truly beautiful. We took off looking over the ocean and 14 minutes later were here in the desert. I don’t know of many other places where you can do that!


After dinner walking around the jet








Falcon 10 cockpit at sundown









Falcon 10 cockpit in color



Losing myself within this masterpiece and its airfoils. There are certain things I can’t explain.



What else have I been up to? Glad you asked! 🙂 This past week and a half I had a very important visitor in town and was basically a tour guide all over San Diego. I also switched flight schools here in San Diego, not that I’m following my old flight instructors around or anything (haha), but I’m a HUGE fan of this new flying club which will also allow me to rent out at other airports all over California- the whole country, if I wanted to! More about this internship opportunity will be revealed this upcoming week. As of right now, I am keeping my lips sealed!



I’ve been living on that Richard Bach quote for the past month- it’s a good reference to live on this summer. At first I was like, “how do you really overcome fear and how are you supposed to truly behold wonder?” Then I thought – you don’t force it. You just do it. It’s as if your fear is not overcome, it will block you from visualizing your wonder. Once you experience the wonder, it just fuels that fire of passion within you. Let it. Seriously. You’ll forget what made you so fearful in the first place. The wonder of it all is that strong.


Blue Skies
….and “Slant Range Sunshine” – you figure it out.

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