February 9, 2006


What is going on folks? Nothing too much here. Got a few tests coming up here this week so this weekend I will be busy studying. My exams are for classes in Economics, Meteorology and Human Factors. Shouldn’t be hard. This weekend I didn’t do too much, I just kind of hung out with my buddies and relaxed in my room. I did go to a party of course and had fun with my friends.

The first tests, everyone should thrive to get an A because the first test will always be easier no matter what class it’s for. It is always easier to start off good and then if you do bad on a test, it won’t hurt you as much it would if you did bad on the first test, then you would have to study your butt off for the next one! Life here at Embry Riddle has not changed much. Nothing new has happened except for the fact that I have been getting a lot of you guys e-mailing me and IMing me, which is excellent! keep doing so. My favorite part of all that is hearing why everyone is interested in Embry Riddle. Almost every single one of you ask me ‘How do you pay for it?’ which I find funny, but the answer is loans LOL! Anybody that does e-mail me I answer your question within 6 hours, that’s a promise!

It has been raining in Daytona the past 3 days. It is not fun walking to class with an umbrella then the wind knocking it out of your hand as a result getting you all soaked. But Mother Nature has its moments I guess. Daytona Races are approaching here and it will be VERY crowded here. I should get a job or something, get a few bux extra to myself. I’ll think about that. About my new room, it is awesome. I am literally alone here, but I have no problems whatsoever. I’m a happy camper and am going to stay in this room as much as I can. It is a bit further then my last room from my classes but I don’t care about that when we compare the amount in hours of sleep I got in those rooms.

During the weekends, many of us get bored. But in a way busy, doing nothing. Every weekend there are some parties, you just got to ask around who’s it is and what is going on. But you know when you get here, you all will see college is very much fun. Even just sitting in your dorm with a friend is fun, because you are away from your home and can pretty much do whatever you want. But some are so bored they don’t take time as an advantage sometimes to study, and do bad on tests. But lack of sleep can affect you very much also.

Well I am just going to go continue to study for my exams and hope everybody has a great weekend. Hope to see all of you here for the Fall Semester! Do not slack your last years in High School! Not a good idea.

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