April 10, 2006

WoW!! Has this year EVER gone by SoOo fast!! I don’t know whether that’s good or bad, but I’m not gonna lie.. I’m REALLY looking forward to this four month long summer vacation. I think just about everyone I know is ready for a break from school about now.

Things have seemed to calm down, lately. Nothing else has decided to catch fire.. and I’m not falling apart any more, in the department of health. So, that’s good news!! I have torn my PCL, though.. it’s been confirmed by the specialist that the hospital referred me to. And I’m finally getting things covered by the insurance company dealing with the accident’s costs. So, that’s great news!! Where things will go from here in regards to surgery/rehabilitation, I don’t know, yet. I have to get an MRI before the final decision is made.. and though MRI’s are very miniscule in the chain of medicine, I’d prefer to get it done while at home, in Ohio. So, it looks like May 15ish should be the deciding date. Until then, it’s CRUTCHES!! Speaking of which, EVERYONE at Riddle seems to be on crutches, in a cast, etc. It’s absolutely ridiculous. In my sorority, alone, there are two of us on crutches.. one girl’s got her arm in a cast. It’s CRaZzZie. So, be safe doing whatever it is that SENIORS (or juniors) in high school do, these days!

I’ll be attatching a few pictures from the cruise for your enjoyment.. if you’d like to see more, send me an Instant Message (LiL sUnKiSS 1015), sometime.. I’d be glad to send them your way :o) I just can’t spend ALL morning attaching photo after photo to this e-mail.

As far as classes go, things are either going to get REALLY good or really bad, this week. I have a BIG test, today, in my speech class.. and I plan to study for that the hour beforehand in my MeTeoRoLoGY class. YIPES!! I also have a speech coming up on the 17th.. wish me luck! The speech is supposed to be persuasive.. and my topic of choice is “why students should study abroad”.. I was inspired by the one and only Jamie Leigh. She’s planning on studying abroad in Campache, Mexico, this summer. I’ve yet to decide if I’ll be joining her. She’s also the one in the cast.. so, her plans may change!! I’d really like to go, though. I was a foreign exchange student in my past. I went to Toluca, Mexico.. the city directly south of Mexico City. It was a great time.. I’d love to go back and see everyone, sometime.

In other classes, I didn’t do as well as I thought I’d done on the last meteorology exam. So, I’ve got the final to cram for in order to pull my grade back up. I’ve got a test in AT 300 (Air Traffic Control) on Friday. I have a study session with some of the guys in the Pike fraternity, Thursday night. I hope that goes well. Both of the guys are doing much better than I am in this class, though. So, I feel pretty comfortable :o)

I also had a paper due in a class, last Friday. I’ve yet to even read the plays that I’m to be writing this paper on. So, I’d best get started on that. I have until Friday before it’s actually considered late, though. That’s good!!

Life, other than all of this, is great. I’m having a great time with amazing friends. I went to a formal, this past week.. YaY PHI DELTA THETA!! And our Xi Man Competition (Alpha Xi Delta’s annual competition for the sorority’s sweetheart) was a success.. new sweetheart: Gizzie from Delta Chi!!

That’s it for now.. hope you enjoy the pictures!! Only one more journal entry left 🙁 I’ll miss ya’ll

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