April 18, 2006

The time for adieus draws near, friends and neighbors, this is the last journal entry that I’ll write coz next semester I’ll be halfway through my sophomore credits. Oh, well, it has been fun for me, guys, and judging by the number of emails I’ve been getting from people around the world, it’s been informational for you guys as well, which is awesome, hope I was able to help most of you over the course of the year!

Anyway, to wrap things up on the job front – I have picked up a job that is both fun and much more monetarily beneficial, valet parking at the Hilton on Beachside. It’s great, because I get to drive expensive Mercedes’, Audi’s, Jaguar’s and Cadillac’s all day long. I also make a more than decent amount from tips, and its fun driving back and forth. That’s my idea of a job, having fun and making money, all at the same time. Funnily enough, most of the newer cars have park assist (that’s nice), and some Acura vans actually have cameras showing you the rear of your car (that’s insulting my intelligence), which makes my job that much easier. I’m working 32 hours a week at this job, and over the summer I’ll probably go the equivalent of full time which means I’ll be raking in the greenbacks. Hey, fine by me!

The job is so great that I quit Cold Stone’s and my tutoring job. Plus, this journal writing gig is ending after this entry, so it leaves me with two very nice paying jobs, valet parking and card dealing.

This summer, I’ll be taking EGR 120 and Statics (that’s summer A), and Humanities and Psychology at Jacksonville (Summer B). Things have been hectic getting ready for this and I’m moving off campus with three friends by the end of this semester, can’t wait! Also, finals are coming up, Physics and Math, hopefully I’ll be able to keep up my A’s with the time I’m putting into my new job!

Wish me luck with that, this is Junior’s Jiving Journals signing out, happy Easter to you all, and I wish you all success!

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