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Hello everyone!

I wanted to discuss a bit about what the average day looks like on campus. I know for me,  before coming to school I was very curious about what college is really like. So I decided I would speak a little on my schedule to help out those other curious people like me.

At Riddle we have an alternating schedule of fifty minute Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes and one-and-half hour Tuesday/Thursday classes. Every once in a while a class, typically a lab, will be offered in a three hour time block on one day of the week. For example, I had my airport management class from 5:15-8:00 pm every Thursday.

I normally schedule my classes back to back and earlier in the day. This means I get up and get classes done. Others prefer breaks so they can do homework, socialize, or get lunch in between. And one of the best parts of college is being able to choose classes that start later – sleeping in is truly the best! I also prefer the shorter classes, but I now choose to only have two on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and three on Tuesday/Thursday. This just seems to make the weeks go by faster in my opinion!

In class I usually bring a snack and a drink. I live off caffeine so the baristas at Starbucks and I are on very good terms. I also take notes on my laptop, but it’s all up to your professor. Some classes you’re in a lab with a computer provided and other times you have a professor who prefers no electronics. To me, classes feel very similar to high school. The sizes are small and the professors truly get to know you!

After class I head to work or to grab lunch. I usually find myself back in my room studying or in a lounge in the dorms. Resident Advisers (RAs) do contact hours where we are required to be available to our residents. I do mine after class. Also for this job, I have duty Wednesday nights. Duty is when RAs sit at the dorm’s front desk and walk around the building periodically. We are here to solve any problems in the dorms and be of help to all! On Monday and Wednesday I work as a Student Assistant in the Office of Development, which is basically fundraising for the university.

Homework-wise, because I know everyone is wondering, it seems as an Aviation Business major I have about a couple hours each night. This of course varies. I try to get a lot done on the weekends because after a day of classes, work, then clubs… I’m exhausted! There are jobs on campus where you can do homework during your shift and RA is definitely one. Some nights I will have nothing but others I feel very busy. It’s all about time management. The best advice I ever heard for college was to treat it like a 9-5 job. That means if you get out of class at 1 pm, sit and knock out your homework until 5 pm. When you get caught up in Netflix bingeing, it gets hard to get motivated again. It’s better to take that focus you had during class and burn through it in one sitting. Again, the amount of homework all just depends on your major, class, and professor.

Around 5:00 pm is when all the clubs get started. The campus is still bustling with involved students this late in the evening! I do have clubs that meet at 9:00 pm but those meeting are typically an hour. That was the weirdest part of transitioning from high school to college, seeing everyone out late studying and going to meetings! I love coming back to my room after a busy day and relaxing or even being super productive and cranking out homework. I live in the new dorms and they are very nice and a quick walk to and from classes!

Overall this is a rough outline of my schedule:

(Notice: your schedule will change every week and no day will be the same but you will always have time to relax and have fun!)

Weekends are genuinely open for me to do homework or spend time with friends. While campus is a little emptier on the weekends, there is still a lot going on. Many times I am invited to volunteer opportunities or events with the clubs I am involved in!

Curious about how this schedule actually plays out? Preview Day is coming soon and is a day where you get to experience college classes and learn about the clubs and activities on campus! Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 7, 2018, 8 a.m.– 4 p.m.!

Maybe see you then?!

– Maddie

Some of Last Week’s Events on Campus

The third annual Business Aviation Student Association Panel Discussion was held this last week. This event was in collaboration with the Alpha Omicron Alpha Aeronautical Honor Society (AOA), the Business Eagles, and the Travelers Club. This year, the event welcomed eight industry experts of the corporate aviation world. They were there to share their experience with the students. I was the photographer for this event.

Panel Discussion in the College of Aviation Atrium

Panel Discussion in the College of Aviation Atrium

The guest speakers included:

  • Jim Huntoon – Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships at Satcom Direct
  • Shaesta Waiz – Pilot at Dreams Soar
  • Mark Hogan – Test and Evaluation at Boeing
  • Luciano Froes – Senior VP Marketing at Embraer Executive Jets
  • Tyler Webb – Jet Sales at Jet Effect Inc.
  • Robert Freidlander – Jet Sales at Dassault Falcon Jet
  • Barbara Lisiewski – President at Best Jet Inc.
  • Peter Korns – Project Manager at NBAA
Shasta Waiz briefly talk about her upcoming solo flight around the world which will start on June 2, 2016.

Shaesta Waiz briefly talks about her upcoming solo flight around the world which will start on June 2, 2016. Click here to learn more about her journey and the Dreams Soar program.

The main purpose of this event was to increase the awareness of the business aviation industry and promote networking opportunities for the people who attended. During the panel discussion, the guests introduced themselves and described their job in the corporate aviation industry. This was followed by a short Q&A session for the audience. After the discussion, the students had the opportunity to talk to the guest speakers and exchange their business cards.


Students are discussing with Mark Hogan from Boeing.

Preview Day

Last Saturday was the annual Preview Day Weekend on campus. The new accepted students were able to spend a day on campus and learn about life as an Eagle. They were able to attend classes on Friday so they could have a glance of what to expect in a classroom. Many of them used this visit on campus to register for classes, tour the residence halls, and get their questions answered. Preview Day is a great opportunity to meet new friends before school actually starts for real. I wish I had attended it back in 2014!


I volunteered on Saturday and helped at our Business Aviation Student Association (BASA) table.

Until next time!


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