About Blanca


Safety Science

**Age:** 25
**Hometown:** Los Angeles, CA

January 27

Today we had a social with the Pikes (Pike Kappa Alpha). We went Go Karting at a place on Nova Rd. We got bracelets where we can ride for an unlimited amount of time for an hour. I managed to ride about 6 times. I love Go Karting. I know that cars don’t go that fast, but it’s still fun.

The Rolex 24 started at noon. I heard it was a lot of fun. I missed it. I was told it was free from midnight to 5 am but apparently they were still charging people to get in and since I didn’t want to spend money to go in for about an hour, we just went back and I hung out in Vick’s room.

I spent my night hanging out with Angelica and Hilda at Aqua. It had been awhile since I had been to a regular club. The boys I came with left for Zeba’s and I refused to go back there. I am glad all the girls stayed behind. I actually met a couple of interesting people that night. We ended up in the VIP lounge hanging out with awesome people. Apparently, they also were students at Embry-Riddle. It’s nice to have the opportunity to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to get to know.

January 22 – January 26

On Tues, I went to the activities fair for a couple of minutes. I wanted to see what clubs we had. Also, I wasn’t sure if ASSE was doing anything for it. I really would like it if the president starts delegating some work or we start meeting on a regular basis. I want to get this club going because it is one of the best places for networking and they are helpful when it comes to scholarships and internships.

Later on that day, I also went to the CO-OP Seminar. There was a lot of information in there that I didn’t know about. The career services personnel do their best to let you know about all the internships and jobs available in all majors. They give you interview tips and resume tips. I actually need to go there sometime so I can work on proofreading my resume and start working on a cover letter.

On Wed, I went to the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) meeting. They have many interesting events going on this semester. I am excited to be a part of this club. They are planning on having some speakers come in to talk about aircraft accident investigations. Also, the Prescott campus has an accident lab that, of course, the Daytona campus is jealous of. 😛 I really want to see it because people from all over the U.S. come in and get trained in aircraft investigations. They are planning on sending a couple of people from the club during Spring Break to see it.

I also went to the Firearms Club meeting. I saw it on the activities fair and it caught my attention. So far there are only 3 girls in the club and many guys. I was one of the few that had never shot a gun. One of the main priorities of the club is safety. They laid down all the rules for us. They want us to get certificates. I am not sure what they are since I am not that familiar with them. Also, never bring a weapon to campus. I really hate to admit this, but I am looking forward to being a part of this club.

On Thurs, I went to work and my task was to show a video for two classes. The professor was out of town on a school business. The video is called the Atomic Cafe. I would recommend you see it. I thought it was funny. After the class ended, I tried to rewind the tape and the VCR ate the brand new tape. I had to call IT because the tape was stuck in the VCR. In the end, I felt bad because I just ruined this professor’s tape. Although, I am glad it happened after the last class because then I wouldn’t have known what to do if it happened in between those two classes.

On a lighter note, the school is doing Relay for Life. I am a captain for one of the Alpha Xi Delta teams. We have a lot of fundraising to do. We are also planning on sleeping there so I need to reserve a spot for us. I also need to come up with ideas on a fundraiser to do during the Relay for Life.

This semester I have four group projects. These are semester long projects where I have to meet people on a weekly basis to get my part of the project done. I have one problem. They all want to meet on the same day. Also I have so much to do that it’s hard for me to meet and then go home after midnight and work on my homework. I am thinking of cutting down my work hours. I am working twice as many hours and I know it’s affecting my school work and sleep. I am sleeping about 3-5 hours a night. I’ll see how many I am going to cut down.

On Friday, I went to the Etiquette Dinner. I mentioned it earlier because it was free food. I love free food. I went to eat with my friend at a Chinese Buffet on Nova and International Speedway. It was pretty good. Of course I ate like 5 or 6 plates. He was pretty much laughing at me. After work, I went to Friendly’s to eat ice cream with Adrianna. I got ready for my etiquette dinner because it was business attire. They served brie as our appetizer. They served shrimp bisque which I thought was delicious. The only problem is that I am allergic to shrimp. I had a couple of bites of it because I was curious how it tasted. I did get a little rash break out. They also served some salad with raspberry vinaigrette. For the entree they gave me a chicken plate with no crab meat. It was all so good. They also served Napoleons. I was so stuffed by the end of my eating binge.

After the dinner, I went home and went to sleep since I wasn’t feeling well. My rash was still bothering me and I had a huge headache. I am surprised I didn’t have a tummy ache. I was planning on going to two parties that night and I missed both them. I needed the sleep anyway.

January 19 – January 21

On Friday, I went to Zeba’s with the boys and I brought Adrianna with me. I had a great time hanging out with my friends. There were a lot more people that I recognized. My friend, Susie was in town so I left the club to see her for a bit and met her at someone’s house. There were so many people that I didn’t know that I just left. I ended up back at Zeba’s. At this rate, it looks like I’ll be single for the rest of my life.

On Saturday, I went to the Welcome Back to School Party. We showed up late because Adrianna locked herself out of her apartment. We called Safe Ride to give us a ride to El Azteca. For Safe Ride, you have to pay them $8 if you are asking them to give you a ride to another place. If live within the area covered, then your ride is free. I am glad we have that program here at school. I asked Susie to give Adrianna and me a ride back to my place. She said Yes, but she left the club early. One of my sorority sisters gave me a ride home.

On Sunday, Adrianna decided that she wanted to make dinner. She wanted to make chicken tenders. I go to the store and buy the ingredients for her. I had to do laundry so I told my roommate, Cheese to keep an eye out for her. Adrianna is learning how to cook so I don’t trust her in my kitchen by herself. I have cooked with her before and she’s hilarious. I don’t want to be mean because I know she’s trying and I think she’s doing a good job. Well apparently while I was gone, Cheese went to his room and when he came out, he noticed that the whole living room and kitchen area was full of smoke. Oh Adrianna, she blames it on the oil. I believe that could have been one of the factors, but then again its Adrianna. By the time, I came back everything was fixed and the food was ready to eat. All I hear Adrianna talk about is how she wants to make this again. I’ll trust her in my kitchen the second time around.

January 16 – January 18

Hey everyone welcome to the New Year. I hope everyone had a safe and great break.

I have a couple of goals this semester. I would like to travel and see more of Florida. I also would like to go to Orlando and visit some of the tourist places. I would also like to hang out with more people and have friends. The most important ones are that I want to keep up with my grades and find an internship or a good paying job over the summer.

It’s the first week of classes and so far all my classes seem to be very interesting. I am taking fire protection, safety management programs, human factors in aviation, technical writing and introduction to aeronautical science. One thing I have learned about safety is that you also need to have a better idea of how the business world works. Most companies always talk in money terms. If any of you decide to go for safety, I would suggest you get a minor in business. During lecture my professor made it sound that you would have an advantage in the working world.

I am also working at the office at least 20 hours each week. Since it’s the first week, things tend to be pretty hectic. People are trying to get into closed sections so you try to tell them where to go. Professors are trying to get their papers copied so it can be ready for the students.

Also because of the tornado, rooms have been moved around. What used to be the testing center and the mail room are now offices for professors from the physical science dept.

In the midst of all the chaos, I have been trying to work on my journal and so far it seems that I am not typing fast enough or can’t seem to find a computer when I can use it. My computer wasn’t working properly so I have taken it to the Geek Squad to have it fixed. I haven’t had access to a computer until late last night.

Woohoo! I just signed myself up for free food. It’s actually an etiquette dinner and they serve you a 5 course meal. Also I am going to the Red Hot Chili Pepper Concert in Tampa Bay with a guy named Matt. Another thing I did was I sign up to work during Race Week. I am looking forward to the next upcoming weeks and see where my next adventure takes me.

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at campo085@erau.edu or any of the messengers: meblue81. Have a great night.

January 7 – January 15

I came back from California on the 7th. My roommate, Cheese, picked me up from the airport at about 11:30. We got home and I just slept for a ridiculous amount of time.

I met Vick, Guillermo, and other random people on Monday night. We walked around campus just to see the damages that were done by the tornado. We also had a new student meet with us. Apparently, Vick was staying in touch with someone that was going to be a new student for the Spring semester and he was supposed to meet us in front of the flight line. We finally found Rafael and we took him with us to eat at Denny’s.

The next day, I went to the financial aid office but I didn’t find it. I went to the student center to ask, but they weren’t sure because the rooms in Canaveral hall were not ready just yet. A lady told me that they were temporarily in the 2nd floor but they close at 4pm. I finally made it there the next day and managed to fix everything. I was quite sad that I had to give up going to Universal Studios with the other kids since I had never been to the one here and I have not been to Orlando.

The weekend was a new experience for me. On Friday, I went to an alternative lifestyle club called Zeba with a bunch of guys. I had a great time. I also met a lot of friendly boys. A person from a group competed in a dance off competition and won.

On Saturday, I went to Angelica’s house because she was having a Pink clothes gathering, but first we had to pick up Amanda from the airport. I met many of Angelica’s friends but left early because my carpool had told their friends they were going to go to Zeba’s. There were a lot more people I knew. I also wasn’t even dressed to go clubbing so I felt a little bit out of place because I thought we were just going to hang out at Angelica’s and then I was going to go home.

On Sunday, I went to Orlando for the first time. I went to the Parliament House, which is also a gay club. It is a lot bigger than Zeba’s. Also there’s a lot more of a variety of people. I didn’t like it as much because I lost the group of people I was with. Sometimes I just felt a little bit uncomfortable. Also a girl that was smoking burned my shirt and my hand because her cigarette bumped into me.

Overall my weekend was great. It had been awhile since I have had fun with random people. I also felt that I met a lot of genuine and unique people. Also, if need be the boys take care of me and make sure I am not standing there by myself.

December 11

It has been brought to my attention (thanks Carlos) that I have been neglecting my journal. I will apologize for that.

I got Philanthropy Chair in the sorority. I am pleased that I got that position. I love working with children. It will also help me become familiar with what is in and around Daytona Beach. So far the only thing I have lined up is Relay for Life in March. I wanted to do some sort of egg hunt for the children, but we will see because apparently someone else might do it and we don’t want to take their event away from them.

Health wise (sp?) I am much better. I went to the doctor last week and she gave me more medicine. She said that if the cough still persists that I may have to have a chest x-ray. I am hoping I get better within the next couple of days.

School has been on the hectic side. Everything seems to be on the same day. I have been trying to keep up with everything but at the same time I feel that I am falling behind. I have managed so far to stay on top for the most part.

I had a test, a paper and two presentations due on Monday. I also had a test last Tuesday and 3 tests and a paper on Wednesday. I also missed 3 days of work because of the schoolwork I had. So far, I have gotten 2 A’s in Psychology and Business Management. I took a final in Meteorology and I need a high B/low A to get an A in the class. He’s planning on posting the grades tomorrow. I have to be patient and see what I got on my final. I have one more final to go and that is in my Safety Science class. After I finish this journal, I get the privilege of studying for this final.

I have been going out even though I have had exams, finals, and projects due. I just make sure I study for a certain amount of time. Also I am the type of person that goes out at midnight instead of going out at like ten. I have also been meeting many people here at ERAU. It’s good to give your brain a break.

Currently, I do not like work. I am doing teacher evaluations, but the machine keeps on breaking. Also some people don’t follow directions. Some people do it in pen, don’t bubble it correctly, etc. So I have to start the class evaluation a couple of times before I can even get anywhere. Today the papers were also getting stuck. So hopefully we get another little machine soon because we have a lot of names to go through. I never realized how many classes our department offered until now.

Also, apparently, the school is raising their minimum wage. I’ll be getting paid more next semester.

Oh yes, congrats to everyone planning on attending ERAU this spring.

HOTELS There are a couple of hotels around campus. The ones I can think of right now are
the Courtyard Marriot,
the Residence Inn,
Hampton Inn,
Studio Plus and there are a couple more.

APARTMENTS Some apartment names that I can think of right now are
Forrest Lake
Lake Forest
Indigo Pines
Indigo Plantation
Carolina Club
Sun Pointe
Sutton Place
Misty Springs
Island Club
Indigo Lakes
The Anatole
Here are some of them. Also keep in mind that some apartments only accept low income. I am not sure which ones are those but just try to find places on the internet to give them a call. I hope this information helps. I hope you have a great couple of weeks and happy holidays.

If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them.

November 22 – November 26

I drove up to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. I went to meet Mo’s family. Mo has been my friend since I first started college back in 2000. 😛 His mom made tons of food for Thanksgiving. She made turkey, ham, chicken, and goat. I tried goat and ham for the first time in my life. They were pretty good.

We also watched two movies, Borat and Deja Vu. Both of them were entertaining. We also went to the Aquarium. Tickets are expensive and you can only go in at a certain time. Our ticket times were 5:00 pm. We hung out at Centennial Park for 4 hours until we were able to go to the Aquarium. By then, we were frustrated and tired. I think if we would have known or made better plans our day would have been better. Next time when I go back to Atlanta, I am going to plan out my day so I know what is going on around the city.

November 20 – November 21

I got in trouble at work today. I was working at the front desk and one of the guys that works for one of the professors sits in front of the desk and starts speaking loudly. My other coworker, Drew, told him to speak with his inner voice. Steve said no and continues to speak loudly. The department chair can’t concentrate and the secretary tells me to leave the desk.

November 19

I slept in today. I gave my roommate a ride to work and then headed to cook for the Sigma Chi. For Penny Wars, the sorority was going to cook dinner for the winner. This year the Sigma Chi fraternity won the competition. We cooked pasta and brought salads and desserts. I hope they were satisfied.

I also worked on a paper today. It is a speech critique for my communications class.

November 18

Today is a special day. I officially became a sister of AXiD.

Afterwards we went to eat at Moe’s. Moe’s is like Chipotle, Quodoba, and Salsarita’s if you have heard of any of those restaurants. They sell burritos, tacos, and salads.

I also went to all you can drink at Cancun Lagoon. For the first time in a long time I was not the designated driver. It was a fun night. I started talking to other people. After that we went over to Adrianna’s friend house and they played games. We got home at around 4 am.