Hello everyone!

It’s been about two weeks since finals, can you believe that?! I’m happy to report I finished with all A’s and I was never too stressed while studying! I tried mixing it up this finals season and studied in groups (I usually prefer to study alone) and it actually helped me stay laser focused. I guess the moral of the story here is try new things!

On a side note, I’ve been obsessed with using GrubHub. It’s a food delivery service where you order via an app and someone delivers it to you! This was AMAZING during finals when I didn’t want to drive anywhere and interrupt studying. Tropical Smoothie and Buffalo Wild Wings were on routine repeat for me! The trick is to get your friends to order with you and the delivery fee and tip can be split so it’s not as much. You can easily order to the dorms, so those of you planning on not having a car next semester, do not fret! This is for you!

Anyways, back to summer! After finals finished (I had the last final at 9 pm on Wednesday), I went and packed up my dorm. After I did my RA walkthrough of all the resident’s rooms, I went to the airport. This is a crazy story – I had my friend take me to the wrong airport and then almost missed my flight. How does that even happen?! The flight was supposed to be delayed but then got changed to no delay and I ended up having to throw away all my liquids in order to carry on my bag. Then I had to beg to be allowed to not double pay for my bag since I had originally paid for it to be checked. Long story short, I made the flight (barely) and didn’t have to pay for my bag twice.

I then landed in Las Vegas and caught a flight to Oakland. Once I landed in Oakland I went to my hotel and woke up early to catch the Bart to San Francisco Airport. Here I finished my badging process by taking a safety class. This was my third weekend back-to-back in San Francisco. Crazy right? That’s a lot of 6-hour flights coast to coast. After getting my badge I rented a car. How am I old enough to rent a car?! Well, the answer is I paid a premium for the 20-year-old insurance. I dropped off my badge and drove down to Monterey to visit Chris, which was a 3-hour drive with traffic. I don’t consider myself the best driver so I was very scared to drive in crazy California traffic with unfamiliar roads. All was fine though! I picked him up and we got dinner then continued to drive to LA. We then spent Saturday at Disneyland and Sunday in Los Angeles! Now I am currently hanging out in Monterey spending time with Chris. He works during the day so I usually try out coffee shops and find cute stores to kill time! Last weekend we went to the Taylor Swift concert in Santa Clara, Apple Park in Cupertino, and strawberry picking in Watsonville. Tomorrow we are heading to Las Vegas!


Apple Park with iPads as menus

Apple Park!

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour – Santa Clara

Strawberry Picking

But… The best news is my internship starts in two weeks! I am so excited to live in a big city and work with my dream airline! Finding an apartment has been stressful since there are a lot of scams and I need a short-term, furnished apartment. I’ll keep you updated! This is my first full-time internship! I like that it is a rotational one where I will be able to work in multiple areas. I think this will make time fly. Also, SFO is BEAUTIFUL! What an amazing airport!

I will be doing my internship for credit as well as some online summer classes. If any of you are curious about the process of registering for either, let me know! I’d be happy to share my experience with setting it up and why I choose to do both!

Enjoy the beginning of summer! – Maddie

Teacher Appreciation Week – ERAU Style!

When Professor Joanne DeTore observed Teacher Appreciation Week by posting on her wall asking former students to share their current situation, the results were rather amazing, even for Embry-Riddle!

Professor DeTore teaches communication and humanities courses, not always the most popular at a school where the primary focus is rooted in aviation and STEM. The variety of careers, the fond memories and evidence that soft skills are still critical for success in the business world makes for an interesting and inspiring read:

Dr. Detore teaches a literature class featuring monsters and villains.

Among the replies:

GINA: Safety Manager for Allegheny County, PA. Married, 2 little boys (Patrick 15 months and Emmett 1.5 months). I had several classes with you. I liked all of them. I remember speech class the most and doing my “how to” speech on making one of my favorite desserts…strawberry pretzel salad. You were one of my favorite professors at Riddle and I thank you for that.

JEN: Chief engineer at Pratt and Whitney– went on to get MS in engineering and MBA. I had two classes with you, one of them was speech –  I hated public speaking but now I do it all the time! I remember I was so sick the semester I was in that class, with what I would later find out was mono, and I remember you being the one who noticed and told me to get checked out! You were a wonderful professor! I’m glad we stay in touch!

NAILYN: I’m an air traffic controller at Gulfport, MS and truly your class was what got me through the difficulties I faced in my classes for the career I’m in. They helped center me and taught me how to filter frustrations and stress through poetry and just speaking, so thank you for that!

KELLY: I’m the Director of Emergency Management at the University of Houston. I got my masters after leaving ERAU. Been married for 9 years and have a 1 year old son. I remember your speech class so vividly! I did a eulogy for Wiley Coyote and a monologue from Erin Brockovich. Public speaking has always been stressful for me, but your class helped me so much. You also helped me get a job at the campus Writing Center which has served me well. Thank you for all you do!

MIRAKEL: Masters in community social psychology and about to get my masters in social work. Currently in Houston as a client advocate for domestic violence/sexual assault, but have also done crisis intervention and hospital accompaniment. I had a few classes with you, but cross-cultural communication and media relations are probably the ones that stick out to me. I am considered one of the most culturally-sensitive workers in my agency and your class helped set that foundation.

MEGAN: I’m living in Fort Worth TX and working as a kindergarten teacher (going on 3 years). I’m married and have 2 kids (a boy and girl).

JASON: Captain for a regional airline right now working on getting to the mainline. I am one of those Captains that when I make my “welcome aboard” announcement I stand in the front so the passengers can see me. Your class made me a better public speaker and taught me how to effectively communicate to my passengers. I have been told many times by passengers that they enjoy seeing the Captain up front when they make announcements.

GWENDOLYN: Florida Department of Transportation, I’m in the civil engineering field, about to get married and planning to take the first engineering test towards my professional engineering license. I remember it like it was yesterday! And my pirates of the Caribbean thing as well. But the Monster class was my favorite of all!

NADIA: I took a humanities class with you and did one of my projects on Twilight! I got my bachelors in Aerospace Engineering at ERAU and currently finishing up my masters in Aerospace Engineering in the fall at Purdue University! Your class was one of my favorites. Thank you pushing me to think creatively/differently than what I was used to. I hope all is well with you.

CAMILLE: You were my favorite professor! I am a regional health, safety and environmental manager with DHL Supply Chain. I am married with one little boy, Sam. We live in and love Atlanta, Georgia! I remember your Monsters class well and the speech class with Jen! I did my demonstrative speech on how to make ravioli. I remember doing a Eulogy for my grandpa and not understanding that it was weird because he was and still is very much alive! You helped me get a job at ERLI with Cindy which was probably my favorite job I’ve ever had. As part of my career, I speak at conferences frequently and last year, spoke for an hour on Presentation Skills to a room of 400. I credit a lot of that to you! Thanks for being so awesome!

LAUREN: I remember having you for speech class. You made such a wonderful impression on me! Your enthusiasm and passion were exemplified during class and you made speech so much fun. It was one of my favorite classes. You’re a very easygoing woman and I enjoy talking to you. I can’t thank you enough for being there during a difficult time in my life. As of right now, I am working on my Master’s in Human Factors & Systems Engineering. I’m a Usability and Design student assistant at Riddle and I’m currently looking for a full time position in my career field. Hope we can meet up for coffee, soon! Thanks for being so awesome!

Tony: Professional Ballroom and Latin dancer, and owner of my own dance studio. Your class of public speaking was one of the first classes where I was exposed to performing in front of a large audience while being critiqued…now that’s pretty much what I do for a living. I loved my public speaking class, and really appreciated the tough love at times when needed. Thanks again!

Andreia: Living in Jersey City, NJ. Working for United as a flight attendant ever since graduation. Your class taught me so much about public relations, especially how my company ends up in the media so much. No kids, not married, but I bought a car this year and I’m officially a resident of Hudson County, New Jersey.

Morgan: I’m currently working as a Flight Coordinator for Davinci Jets out of Charlotte, North Carolina. We provide turnkey aircraft management and private charter service. I interact directly with clients and am very thankful for the communications skills I developed in my studies. In addition, I am working on marketing and public relations related tasks, including creation of press releases and photography for various media platforms. Prior to moving back here to Charlotte to be close to family, I was working on my B.S. in Communication, the Head Writing Tutor, and the Marketing Communications Manager for Epic Flight Academy. Though I was only in one of your courses, I truly value the skills I learned and apply them on a daily basis. Thank you!!!

Christopher: I’m a project manager in Marketing at Delta Air Lines in Atlanta. My wife and I are expecting our first child in June! You were one of my favorite professors at ERAU! I enjoyed taking Speech and Cross Cultural Communications from you. I enjoyed learning about the Maori, and it was neat visiting New Zealand after learning about their culture in your class. I also learned more about Asian customs in your class. When I went to Hong Kong back in 2009, somebody handed me their card with both hands just like you said they would! I knew to accept their card with both hands, look it and not put it in my pocket right away. I might have offended that man through ignorance without the guidance I received in your class.
I hope you are doing well! It’s great being able to keep up with you on FB!

Kirsten: I am a business operations specialist at GE Aviation in Cincinnati, OH. I am married with a 15 month-old named Auggie. I have a B.S. & M.S. in Human Factors. I took your speech class in my undergrad curriculum, it has helped so much when I have to speak in front of hundreds of people and executives for work. Thank you so much for being such an encouraging and inspirational mentor!

Paul: I wrote in a journal entry how much I disliked studying engineering, and you suggested I try literature, so I did. Graduated with a BA in literature while working as a firefighter/paramedic, and while I’ve never relied on the degree professionally, every day in the medical field (I’m a nurse now) I’m confronted with the mistaking of training for education. I’m so grateful for the push towards some of the latter.

DESIREE (pictured here): I’m currently the Safety Management Policy and Training Manager for the Air Traffic Organization in the FAA. I started as an en route controller at Memphis Center, became a support specialist in the training dept., then came to HQ as a Safety Inspector, then moved on to work in my current position managing/writing the policy and training surrounding the ATO’s Safety Management System. Somewhere during all that, I obtained my masters from ERAU worldwide.

Now on to you! I hated writing about myself but I did it to set up this next part. You have impacted my life and career more than you know. In school ATC was exciting, challenging and consuming all my thoughts. Your classes were not only enjoyable, but gave me an outlet outside of ATC. I always loved to read, but you introduced me to new perspectives and material. I still recall some of your feedback on my papers when writing. Without your speech class, I would not be where I am today. Every class I teach and every presentation given, I hear the pointers you would give in class. I have great respect for you and your craft. You are an inspiration to working moms everywhere and you are rocking it! I thank you for your support and guidance when I needed it most. Thank you! I know this post is very long but I could honestly write for days about what a wonderful professor you are.

Professor DeTore responds: “I am so humbled by your beautiful response! Thank you so much for that. I feel like I won an Oscar after reading that. When you teach, you hope you make an impact, but you sometimes never know. You have accomplished so much in your career and you have a beautiful family! You are doing a wonderful job balancing career and motherhood. I am so proud of you and so grateful to you for taking time to let me know how you are doing and for those lovely words about my teaching.”

Awww, that hits right in the feels. Professors can impact our lives in ways we can hardly imagine, whether it’s offering personal support and understanding during a time of struggle, engaging students in areas of study they are not drawn to in order to broaden a skill set or guiding students to internship and career opportunities in their field, their value cannot be overstated.

The Ultimate Packing List for Each Dorm (with pictures)

All Dorms: All come with a mini fridge, vanity, microwave, desk, and dresser (and a bed too obviously). The bathrooms come with a shower curtain too. You can order items like bedding through housing or order to-store at Bed Bath and Beyond. There is a Target down the street, across from the Speedway for last minute needs, but a “secret” Super Target is 15 minutes south in Port Orange. We also have a Hobby Lobby, World Market, Pier One Imports, and Michaels if you like decorating! There is a Kohls and Sam’s Club not too far for mattress toppers and bulk-snacks. You can mail stuff to the university after you get your mailbox, but you won’t have your mailbox number until after move in. To send things before you are assigned a mailbox, you can address packages with your name, New Student Embry-Riddle, 600 South Clyde Morris Blvd., Daytona Beach FL 32114. Then just pick it up at the mail room when you arrive.

I have a printer but I do not need one. You can print from the 24-hour lab in the College of Business. As for packing clothes, bring lots of t-shirts with jeans/shorts. Also, bring some light sweaters/rain jackets for classrooms and “winter”. I normally wear Keds, flats, or sandals to get across campus. Make sure to bring nice clothes (business casual and at least one business professional outfit) no matter your major. We have our career fair and interviewers coming to campus constantly. Sororities and fraternities also require you to dress nicely once a week as do some on-campus jobs.

For laundry, Adams, Woods, and Doolittle have laundry rooms downstairs. New Hall has two laundry rooms per floor (one per wing). All laundry facilities have an associated app to see which are available. While they are free, you must bring your own detergent.

  • Tubs (for summer storage too)
  • Command Strips (tons, but the velcro ones work best)
  • Hangers
  • Desk Lamp
  • Mattress Topper
  • Bed Covers (Twin XL) – Pottery Barn, Target, and Macy’s has cute ones!
  • Pillows
  • Full-length mirror
  • Trashcan
  • Bathroom Mat
  • Toilet Paper
  • Towels
  • Food Organizers
  • Cleaning Wipes
  • Water Filter
  • School Supplies
  • Desk Organizer
  • Air Freshener
  • Laundry Basket
  • TV (but most students use a laptop – I do!)
  • Pictures!!!

New Hall: New Hall has a tiny kitchen area, so I recommend not bringing a lot of kitchen gadgets. You also don’t have a designated kitchen sink, so cleaning dishes and such gets a little challenging. You will have bathroom cubbies in the shower room and individual closets in your room. Most students raise their beds and put the desk under their bed. Some prefer to bunk their bed with their roommate and put the desks on the other side. My friend was kind enough to let us see her room!

Adams/Woods: Adams/Woods bathrooms are shared with 3 other people, so I recommend a caddy to keep the shower uncluttered. Since the floor is wood, I also recommend a rug. We bought curtains and lots of bins for food and bathroom storage. The photos below are from my freshman dorm!

Doolittle: I have not lived in Doolittle, but I would recommend a bathroom caddy/other bathroom organizers since you will be sharing a bathroom with 7 other people. You will have a large desk as well, so desk organizers could be beneficial if you like to be orderly. A closet is shared too, so consider a closet divider since that could be helpful if you like to keep your belongings separate. Like Adams/Woods, I want to recommend a rug to cover the wood floor! These photos are from a friend!

Personal tip: I like plants in my room since they brighten the space and make it feel more homey!

Move-in gets crazy so bring water! Be patient! It’s overwhelming but everyone does it and your RA should be helpful. Orientation is meant to be fun, so don’t stress! You will have huge moving bins to help! Assignments come out this summer so get excited!

Happy almost summer! – Maddie!

End of Semester: Projects, Tests, Celebrations

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are having a great end to this semester! I am pretty much missing classes this entire week except for Thursday and then Friday is a study day. I am super excited that I get to graduate in two weeks!!!

I have had so many projects and tests to work on. On the side, we also had end of the semester celebrations in the many organizations I am involved in! The Women’s Ambassador Program had their “end-of-the-semester” dinner at Carraba’s last week. We all had a great time and got a chance to celebrate with our graduating eagles!

WAP Ambassadors

The same week, Career Services had their end of celebration activity at Jeremiah’s. We all had a great time catching up and also meeting the future ambassadors of Career Services!

Career Services

Other than that, I have been traveling this week with the Admissions Department to Seattle and Denver for the Accepted Students Reception, which has been a rewarding experience! I love meeting our future Eagles and getting a chance to tell them more about the student’s perspective of attending Riddle.

We all walked around in Seattle and took tons of pictures. We went to Pike Place Market, which has a beautiful waterfront view. I also got to visit the “Gum Wall”, where people stick their gums up on a wall….it was nasty but cool! We also visited the first Starbucks ever started in 1971. I had never seen the real logo, but I can see why they changed it to the current one! In Seattle, I met Amy, who is our future eagle and will be starting in Fall!

Meet Amy from Seattle!

The Gum Wall

The first Starbucks ever


In Denver, I got a chance to meet Kaitlyn, who will be joining us in Fall!!! I got to talk to a lot of families and address any concerns they had. This is my last travel for the semester, but I had tons of fun on all my travels!

Meet Kaitlyn from Denver!

I hope you all are having a great end to your semester. To those graduating, congratulations and good luck on your future endeavors!


Until next time,


EcoCAR 3 Earth Day Celebration

On Wednesday, April 18th I had the pleasure of traveling with the ERAU EcoCAR 3 team to Kennedy Space Center for their Earth Day Expo trip. I was asked to photograph their trip and try and capture the experience of their day. We left the EcoCAR garage at 7:30 AM sharp arrived at KSC around 9:30 AM. We received our official visitor badges and got to setting up the booth. The goal of the setting up the booth at KSC was to attract NASA employees as possible consumers of this experimental car and inform them of the EcoCAR project and competition. Overall it was well received by the NASA employees and some even asked if they could buy one in the near future! If you are interested in learning more about the EcoEagles or the EcoCAR competition please feel free to follow these links to learn more:

About Us




Introducing the ERAU FRS/BRZ/86 club! This is a club my friends and I have been trying to come up with for a few months now and we have finally gathered nearly all 86 owners on campus. Here is a preview video and photos of some of our members, I will have a full-length film coming for the club soon. If you are an ERAU student, and are an 86 owner or know of one please join us!


A Car Show With Class – Festivals of Speed

The 6th Annual Mission Inn Festivals of Speed showcased both vintage and contemporary vehicles of all makes and models. The show field was diverse with vehicles placed into an exquisite setting. The perfectly manicured fairway of this magnificent property played host to some of the world’s most exotic supercars, American muscle, rare custom motorcycles, vintage boats and countless other unique and exciting vehicles.


It’s Interview Season!

Hi everyone!

I hope anyone who came to Preview Day had a great time! This time of year on campus is crazy! We all love seeing the new faces around but we also are working hard preparing for finals and finishing projects. And on top of all that, lots of students are preparing for interviews for internships or jobs! I was surprised by how many students asked about internship opportunities at Preview Day – that’s so great you guys are thinking ahead!

Some people get internships as a freshman but I waited until my sophomore year. This means these are my first real interviews. I have interviewed with United, SFO, DIA, and Allegiant. These have been phone, video-recording, Skype, and in-person interviews. I applied for about 10 internships and have gotten 8 interviews. So far I have received multiple offers and I am super excited! Now the stressful part is deciding which!

Skype and video-recording interviews are awkward and kind of frustrating with the lagging. Phone interviews are nice because you can have notes in front of you. In-person interviews are my favorite because you are able to show your personality better in my opinion!

Just yesterday I was flown to Chicago for an interview with United Airlines. This was an amazing experience. I felt very prepared because I have utilized Career Services and their help was extremely useful. I wasn’t even nervous! The interviewers were very nice and the experiences I’ve had at Embry-Riddle in classes and in organizations were very applicable to their questions. Many of my interviewers were even Riddle grads!

Taking the train in Chicago to my interview.

I left to Chicago very early then took the L Train into the city from the airport. I then went and did my interview, got coffee, and headed back to the airport. It was a wild day but I had a great time getting a little lost in the city!

I left Florida in 80 degree weather only to land in snowy Chicago!

Internships are great experience builders and can take place during the summer, spring, and fall semesters. I encourage you to talk to Career Services your first semester and begin planning for internships as soon as possible! Even just the interview process itself is great experience!


Embry-Riddle Preview Day

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great week! Mine has been super busy so far! We had the campus Women in Aviation day on March 29th. During that day, the Women’s Ambassador Program set up a lip gloss station at the ICI Center. There were other departments with various activities that the girls could participate in. Around 350 7th grade girls were at our event!

Women Ambassadors at the WAI event

On the same day, we had our T.A.G (Thank All Givers) Day! Basically, a few of us volunteered to go around campus and thank all the professors, faculty and employees at the university who donated.

T.A.G ft Dean Mike Williams

T.A.G. ft Jenny Hinebaugh

Another major event that happened on campus was Preview Day on April 7th. On this day, we have our accepted future eagles come learn more about the campus, and even attend classes that related to their major! I volunteered and wore 4 different polos that day- COA (College of Aviation), Women’s Ambassador Program, Embry-Riddle Women’s panel, and Career Services. It was so much fun to meet all the students that are so passionate about aviation and want to join our eagle family.

WAP table at Preview Day

Representing Riddle on the Women’s Panel

All in all, it was great meeting our accepted future eagles! Please feel free to leave a comment if you have questions.