Tips & Tricks

As we all know, it’s the last weeks of the semester and that means FINALS! And, just simply trying to bring up your grades. But I feel like, as college students, we shouldn’t over stress ourselves the way we do. Sometimes taking time to relax is the best thing we can do because when you’re pulling all-nighters to study and cram in information the last few days, you will fry your brain. This was something I had to learn coming into college, as someone who has grown up with major anxiety, dealing with and handling the stress that comes from it has been something I had to learn. So, take from a master of sorts and maybe my advice will help someone out.

  • Study and break- Obviously you should study for your tests and classes, but don’t overdo. Don’t spend 2 hours in a row studying, take small breaks in between, take your time, and don’t fry your brain.
  • NO ALL-NIGHTERS! All-Nighters are not good for your health. It is very beneficial to you to get a good night’s sleep before a test and class. Your performance will suffer because your brain has not gotten the full recommended amount of rest. I know from personal experience that when I get a full beautiful rest, I realize I’m more aware, more refreshed, and just all around feel good.
  • Eat breakfast or a meal before your exam. This seems obvious, but I promise that being hungry during a test is not fun and can result in your feeling sick and will distract you.
  • Don’t study the day of. Cramming before an exam is not the best idea for your head because again you will fry your brain before you even go and take your test. The best thing to do is go to class and be prepared and with a fresh brain. This was some advice that my Math professor gave me and, so far, it helped me out so much. This may not be for everyone, but it can sure help some people who know the info but just is a over stresser.
  • Don’t over think it. Even if you’re worried about a test, the worst thing you can do is panic and over think.

Stress is something that we can all manage, and it can be quite easy to do with a little effort and self-awareness. Before a test or something big, it’s important to your mental health to treat yourself while you’re working hard. Relax, take a breather, and do something you love to do. This depends on the person, but here are some things I suggest doing that help me:

Art! I love to mindlessly paint, sitting back and just doing random drawing patterns, and of course editing my photos. This may not be for everyone, but it really does help me a lot.

Watch a movie! Unwind with a good movie, whether that be at the Theater or Netflix on your laptop. This is a great way to unravel, to escape and let your mind wander into and enjoy a movie. On campus, Touch ‘N Go (our schools entertainment coordinators pretty much) does free movie showings just about every week, and sometimes they do them outside on a big screen for all to see and enjoy.

And lastly, I would say spend time doing something fun with a friend. Having a good friend to just help you take some stuff off your mind and to just laugh and hang out is such a good way to relive some stress.

Hope this helps you to have stress-free finals and a stress-free holiday!

December & Almost Done!

Happy *drum roll please* December everyone! ‘Tis ACTUALLY the season, thrilling, I know. I’m currently blogging from Daytona Beach, but I spent Thanksgiving in Savannah, Georgia and in Charleston, South Carolina, also thrilling. Thanksgiving was a well needed break and now until the semester officially concludes is the moment we’ve all been waiting for: final exam season.

Over the break I did a good amount of homework, but probably not as much as I should have done. There is always an endless supply of homework in college, but I also got to relax a little bit which was well worth it. So really, it was a win because I also took a lot of naps whenever I could.

Thanksgiving naps!

Example A: a sleeping portrait of yours truly during a Thanksgiving nap photographed by my lovely sister.

In addition to the naps, my family and I ran a 4 Mile Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning! We also explored downtown Savannah, and I drank a lot of coffee as per usual. My idea of relaxing includes sleep and caffeine, so naturally I partook in both, I hope everyone got to relax and recharge before finals begin!

Example B: If you’re ever in Savannah I recommend the Coffee Fox coffee shop, yum!

We also went to Tybee Island and saw the lighthouse, the beach, a lot of stray cats, and dolphins!

Tybee Island Lighthouse!

I also played photographer, and the lighthouse was in the back of the picture I took for the ‘rents.

Sometimes you must lay on the ground for the best angles. (Shoutout to Puddle + Sushi for making it on the blog.)

I had such a nice time over break and, unfortunately, it was short lived, but winter break is around the corner and the finish line is near! Although all students are pretty much experiencing the same feelings right now, wishing they had more time for sleep and less of the high doses of stress that finals bring, the marathon will conclude before we know it. It is the last week of classes and there is so much to look forward to. Just a small reminder to push out until the end, it is worth it, and despite the late nights, early mornings, highly caffeinated days, and stress, the finish line is near and we are on the final stretch!

Will report back soon. Study hard and keep moving forward friends!

November 1, 2010

Controlling Stress

It’s nearing second semester, what does that mean? It means tests, tests, and more tests. Yes, I know and they are inevitable! So what do you to help relieve the stress that you may be receiving with all the studying and worrying about getting a spring schedule and having the tuition paid and everything else that you must do before Christmas break?

First, BREATHE! Taking a deep breath and realizing where you are in your state of being helps a lot. It may seem like the homework is endless and that time slips faster and sleep is something you question if you’ve actually had in a good minute but trust it does calm down. One of my many favorite things to do when I get stressed it so take out my iPod and just take a nice little walk. Not going to anywhere special but just getting out of the library or my friend’s dorm and lounge and just see the beautiful trees that are changing colors on their leaves. Or the smell of the air and how it feels running through my hair. It’s always a good thing to get out and take in nature in its natural setting.

Another thing I like to do when I know I have a lot of work to complete is making a list of things by priority. Now personally I do my list with a twist, they suggest that you should take care of everything with highest priority first which is true and all, but I tend to begin the list with the highest priority assignment and following after an easier assignment that is sure to make me feel like I can continue on and that the load will get easier. If anything, seeing that I can accomplish getting my work done and on time is a big encouragement and the more things I mark off my list only put a bigger smile on my face and a little bit of pip in my step.

Taking a power nap (which is about 20mins.) can also be beneficial; however, I do not suggest you take one if you are already very tired because most likely (as I have done many of times) you will wake up to find the sun has set and the clock is about 2hours more since you last checked.

Meditation is also a wonderful way of relaxing and taking the pressure off from studying too hard,but as with power naps be sure to not fall asleep or become too deeply entranced,the same results just may occur. How you relax is truly up to you, some find it in drawing, listening to music, skateboarding, dancing, or just getting on the phone and talking to a friend or family member. Whatever way it is you find to relax (of course in a legal manner) try to stick to it or find other legal fun ways of taking the edge off yourself, you just may find that studying doesn’t have to be that big of a nuisance after all. (And always try to AVOID ending up like this guy)