April 6, 2006

Hey there, journal readers! Wow, three quarters of the way through the spring semester already, I can hardly believe how fast time is flying! Seems like spring break was just yesterday too, test schedules are flying and teachers are handing out assignments left and right. In another four short weeks, by the end of this month, I’ll have one whole year of college behind me! Damn, this year’s flown by; it’s been so much fun! I already have plans for next semester. I’m joining the Avion and the Riddle Players, writing and movie making are two of my great interests and I think its time I indulged myself, hehe. Also priority registration has come and gone. I had a bunch of problems registering because of pre-requisite requirements, but then Dr Gurjar generously waived the pre-req for his class to a co-req, so I was able to register! Hooray! I’ve signed up for EGR 120 and ES 201 at Riddle over Summer A, and they’ve already slapped me with the bill (ouch). Over Summer B I’ll be taking Psychology and HUM 2211 from the Florida Community College at Jacksonville and that’ll bring me to a total of 12 credit hours over summer.

I’ve also overloaded my schedule for Fall, with 19 credits, because I don’t want to take more than 12 over Field Training Preparation semester next spring, but I do want to graduate in four years, so its necessary. Sigh, it’s going to one heck of a Fall, I’m going to be chasing my own tail, but I think it will be worth it, so wish me luck! At the end of that semester, I’ll have Junior standing, which means if all goes as planned and I don’t have to audit any class, I would be one whole semester ahead because I came in with no credits, but I would have four semesters worth of credits under my belt at the end of three. Which is perfect, it puts me right on schedule for graduating in four years. It’s like an unreachable goal, almost, so few are able to finish a BSAE in five years, but it’s been done and I intend to do it too!

I’ve been up and down the state of Florida for my blackjack dealing job, and my good ol’ car has made it worth it, with its awesome gas mileage. I love road trips, and I get paid to have fun while dealing, so this job is definitely my favorite out of all four. A close second is tutoring with First Year Programs, though when there’s no one who needs help I just surf the internet and have fun doing my own thing, which is cool.

Air Force is getting better, I’ve managed to stay out of trouble reasonably successfully so far, and I’m just hoping it will last up to the end of Spring, which is so close! Unfortunately, it won’t be much of a summer vacation for me, as I have 12 credits of schoolwork to attend to, but I’m determined to squeeze in a trip back to California, I miss my home boys and girls back in LA! No place like Los Angeles is what I always say, and nothing gets rid of the Riddle goggle syndrome faster than a flight into Hollywood, oh yeah.

Well, guys, that’s all I have for right now, hope I’ll be able to send in another journal before Finals are upon me! Good luck to all of you guys applying to Riddle out there; it was around this time last year that I got my “Congratulations! You have been accepted” letter and I hope that all of you who tried got in! See you guys in the Fall and peace out.

MOTTO FOR THE FORTNIGHT: The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

April 4, 2006

What’s up everyone!?!? Hope everyone had an AWESOME spring break, my trip to Sarasota was the best road trip I’ve had in a while. We missed like 2 exits but ended up finding our way back just fine. We missed the exit in Orlando and the way to get back to the highway was to go through Orland Studios, I was there when I was a kid but can’t remember, so I can’t wait to go!! My roommate and I stayed at his Godmothers home… fun time, came back and finished spring break here in Daytona!!! Spent some time with my Bri-Baby.! Studied the last night…

The school week after spring break went by SO fast. It was nuts.. I love it when that happens, oddly enough. The weekend was slow, even with daylight savings time. Pretty coool. I saw ICE AGE 2:the meltdown… HILARIOUS.. gotta love it!! Also saw Stay Alive, not too bad. I have TONS of work and studying to do its unREAL! All through the 7th I have MAD work to do, but this weekend will be great, gonna feel good to get all that done. We’ve been looking for new houses again, not ones to buy but to rent. We’re looking at one right now that is 100 yards from the beach in Port Orange. 3 bdrm with a guest house 2 bath with with an in ground pool in the front yard. Solid fencing the WHOLE way around, nice drive way, good landscaping, a bar facing the pool, NICE!! Split it 4 ways it won’t be over 450/ month. . .good stuff!! dream life!!. I’m hoping to get a crotch rocket soon, I always wanted one, but after bike week I’m so motivated to get one.. eBay will to the trick, eBay is the best.

The whole baseball deal is going pretty good.. the season got pushed back a week, but since I messed up my arm skating it was just pure luck for me, we had a practice game type thing today with New Smyrna, my team killed ’em.. I had two homers, one solo one a two run shot.. Feels good to play again, I hope I make the team here at Riddle next year… that would be incredible! I just gotta work a bit.. like this amateur league is a warm up for next season.. can’t wait!

BCR this weekend was just nuts, cops were seriously EVERYWHERE. Every street there was a cop I kid you not. A1A had a cop car every 50 yards in the middle of the road or so, my girl and I went to go out for dinner Sunday night and everything in the main part of town was shut down early.. so we went to Olive Garden near campus. I went to the beach Saturday, the CRAZIEST cars I’ve EVER seen on the beach. Impalas with huge rims, old Cadillacs, you know, the “pimped” cars. .lol. . Played football on the beach, couple random guys got in too.. fun stuff, then when we got hot we would of course go for a dip, the water was EXCELLENT. It’s getting better every week! The beach is awesome, especially since I’m from the north.. if I ever have kids, this is where I would want them to grow up.. corny?, lol. . nah, for real, it’s a great place! Speaking of homes, I miss MY home back in pa, good old Oil City. Hoping to get home for Easter, this upcoming Sunday is Palm Sunday so I’ll probably go to church before my practice or ball game..I want all my friends and family to meet my girlfriend Brianna… can’t wait for that!..

Well, I’m really tired, had a rough weekend and ball game and beach today, I’m pooped and it’s almost 4 am.. have class at 9:15.. BED TIME!!. lol.. Just one more thing, I found this SWEET fake palm tree like almost 7 ft tall out side next to the bridge and brought it to our room, it’s legit. lol. One man’s trash is another mans treasure, funny cuz it’s true!. .okay I’m done, don’t forget to email with any question or IM me… blackboard helps too cuz you can get feedback from a bunch of people.. have a good one everyone!! Justin OUT!!. . ( from meet the fockers ). . . ahaha ok.. ya. well . . night!!

April 4, 2006

Hey all!

Well, time is flying by and we have less than a month to go for the spring semester. I have two weeks left of my Resident Advisor class, and then I will find out if I am going to be an alternate or if I will have my own hall of residents in the fall. Also, I registered for the Summer A term, which means I will be staying here until the end of June. I will be taking Calculus III and Statics, which is 7 credits. My schedule from May until the end of June is MTWThF 9:30-1:45 (yuck!). (At least I will be able to get enough credits out of the way to be a junior this fall and not completely ruin my summer!)

Kenny has been sick lately, so I have been busy taking care of him. I don’t mind at all because I love staying at his apartment. It’s so quiet there compared to the dorms, plus he has a kitchen where I can cook (I miss cooking at home so much!). I don’t spend much time in my dorm room anymore because I am at his place all the time.

Well, the weather has been getting super nice and I hope I have a chance to go to the beach sometime. I will have to see if I can find the time with all these projects, tests, and papers!!

Have a Great Day!

April 4, 2006

Hey Readers!!!!!!

Preview weekend. This weekend. Be here!!! I can’t wait. Spring Splash and the Block Party are going to be amazing. Let me give you a bit of a schedule. The big splash begins at 12pm on Saturday. You can get food and information on what you can involve yourself in during your time at Embry-Riddle. We will have a belly-flop contest at 1pm, hosted by yours truly. At 2pm, we will have a dive contest, and at 3pm we have the bathing suit contest. You are absolutely eligible to win any of these contests and the prizes that come along with them! Bring your swim attire! I bet you will have the time of your life on Saturday and it truly gives you an idea of what Riddle is like. Also, this is our last chance to get into our pool until Spring ’07 because in a couple weeks it will be closed so that the building next to it can be torn down and rebuilt as a new fitness center.

Construction will be the theme of the next few years on the Daytona Beach Campus. As our university expands, so will our buildings. The College of Business is getting a building built for them starting this fall. This makes me extremely happy, because as our program gets to be nationally recognized, we will have a huge state of the art building to go along with it and that can only make the program stronger! The flight line is also getting some reconstruction along with some of our buildings in the academic complex (you will come to know it as alphabet soup).

Tomorrow is a huge day for the future of Task Force One. The proposed amendment of the SGA constitution including TFO as a member will be voted upon. I’m really excited about that, because the work we put in this year will hopefully pay off for you guys and gals, the future members of TFO. Just to paraphrase something in our constitution, every first year student is a member of Task Force One, whether they attend meetings or not. Task Force One serves the first year student body, so take advantage of it!!!

Classes are going great, I think. My grades are still on the rise, but I still have some projects to do, and once those are completed, I can let you know my standing a whole lot better! I’m only really worried about one class, Managerial Accounting, because it is just really, really hard to focus in a class which I have no interest in using beyond the class. But I suppose I will use it, otherwise I wouldn’t have to take it. We’ll see.

In closing this journal, I must acknowledge the fact that I have either one or two entries left. I hope this year has been as amazing for you as it has been for me. I will begin to wrap the year up in my next entry, and if I have another after that, it will be a sad, sad entry as I cry my way out of the most interesting thing I have ever had to do.

Well, Hopefully I’ll see you Saturday,

Let me know if you read my journals,

March 29, 2006

Hey Readers!

It’s been a while (oops) and I have sooo much to catch you guys and gals up on. First, we shall talk about something I hope you are all interested in. Spring Splash ’06 has gotten blown way, way up! April 8th, all of you incoming students should be here for your open house, and part of that is the 2nd Annual Spring Splash presented by Task Force One, AND The Spring Block Party, presented by the Embry-Riddle Resident Students Association (ERRSA), which all of you will be mandated to be a part of your first year at ERAU, by virtue of living in the residence halls. So after you get through reading the long names on the signs, you can check out all of the fun activities and contests going on, grab some food (we have BBQ and catered subs.) We also will have some tables with people who can explain some of the activities for you to do here at ERAU. Of course Task Force One will have a table, and if I am not there, I’ll be by the pool, so please come over and say hey to me if you get a chance. I would love to meet the people who read the journal.

Spring Break has just ended, and I did not go home for this break, so I am really excited about going home for the summer. I leave here the first day of May, and yes I am counting down the days until I get back up to the city. I miss the things to do at home. There were plenty of things to do here during spring break though, and I will miss the beach, but I’ll be back. The only sad part of me leaving is that my tenure as your journal writer will be up. This does sadden me, but I have confidence that next year’s writers (possibly you!) will be excellent. And hopefully I can become a tour guide or work in some fashion as that in the future, because I really enjoy telling people about the university I call home. This is a great place to be and you should be here!

Classes are going great, and I am fully motivated to go to every one, so my grades are on the up and up and it’s amazing that school for me will be over in APRIL!!!! For those of you from the NYC area, you know we don’t finish until the end of June, so just imagine having the month of June IN APRIL!!! I am so excited, and hope it passes by really quickly, while still learning as much as possible and still getting ready for finals.

My extra ‘class’ of sorts is my Resident Advisor training. It is going so well, and I am getting to meet all of the Residence Life Staff, and they are some excellent people. Rest assured you are in good hands when you live in an ERAU residence hall. I cannot wait to have my very own residents. So I’ll see some of you in August!!! There are only 3 weeks left in this training, and then it’s looking forward to summer RA training. I’ll be here about 2 weeks before you all are for orientation, so I’ll be more than adequately prepare for anything you can throw at me. (please don’t throw anything at your RA’s, they’re nice people!) Ok, I will talk to you all next week!!! Then I will give you the final updates on Spring Splash and anything else going on!

Until Then,

March 28, 2006

This should be one great entry.. to say the least. For those of you who are not CNN addicts, this news may be new to you.. for the remainder of ya’ll, this is old, but I (along with 23 other amazing Alpha Xi Delta sisters and Sigma Chi brothers) was on the Princess cruise ship that caught fire at 3:00 in the morning, last week, on the way from the Grand Cayman Islands to Jamaica. Luckily, we are all 100% okay, if not better (we got an all expense-paid cruise out of it!!), but one person did die from a heart attack.. many people lost everything they had with them on the ship. And the fire was literally no more than ten doors down from where some of us girls were staying on the Aloha deck.

I have TONS of SPRiNG BReaK ’06 pictures, but am currently trying to compile them all. As soon as I do, probably this afternoon, I’ll send another e-mail. Hopefully, we can post them!!

As for the cruise, I had an amazing time when you get past the good 6 hours spent “sleeping” in a muster station (British for where you gather in an emergency). I saw some of the most beautiful places in the world.. had some great food and drinks.. made great friends. It was really a great time.

This coming weekend is initiation for my little sister and the three other Alpha Xi Delta new members. I’m really excited :o) I’ll be posting pictures of that in my next entry. Stay tuned for that!!

As far as the school life is going, things are doing pretty well for not having gone to class in two weeks due to SPRiNG BReaK and the car accident I got into the week prior. It was very minor, but I tore some stuff in my left knee.. leaving me on crutches until further notice (aka.. probably the summer).

I have a paper due in 2 weeks for my elective literature class.. I’m really far behind in reading, there. I also have two tests on this coming Wednesday: AT 300 (Introduction to Air Traffic Control) and WX 201 (Introduction to Meteorology). I’m feeling pretty confident about the meteorology test.. hoping to feel the same about AT after tonight. There are a lot of great guys in that class who I plan to spend some quality time with, later.

Prior to break, I started dating a guy, here. We decided to make things official the day I got back.. so, I believe I have a boyfriend (some cruise drama is complicating the situation, right now). And I’m very excited. I haven’t had a meaningful relationship in about 6 months, now.. so, I’m hoping that all goes well and we can work through these tough times to start a wonderful time together. I believe there are pictures of the two of us together (who took them.. and how to find them is the question), but as soon as I find them, I’ll post them, as well.

Other than that, not much is going on. I’m looking forward to summer, though. We’re planning our next cruise for May in honor of the graduating seniors.. and our 25% discount :o)

Have a great week, everyone!! Thanks to those of you who take time to e-mail (olivab46@erau.edu) and IM (LiL sUnKiSS 1015) me.. I appreciate your positive comments and enjoy attempting to answer your questions. Keep the feedback coming


March 27, 2006

Once again things are going very fast and hectic here in Daytona Beach for me. Last week my Fraternity just had its big formal event, which we call the Orchid Ball. It was at a really upscale hotel in Universal Orlando and everyone definitely had a good time. My fraternity brothers voted me Pledge of the Year so I was really happy about that. Only thing that did not go right that night was that security kicked us out of the pool twice. The weekend was a really nice experience to be a part of and I am already looking forward to next year to go again.

Classes are going pretty well too. I am not doing very well in my economics class but now that I am back from Spring break, I am recharged and motivated to do what I have to in order to pull my grade up to where I want it. Humanities class is going well also. I still can’t believe how much respect towards art and music my Professor has handed off to me and my class. The other night I saw two pieces of artwork on TV and I knew the name of the paintings as well as the artists and the stories behind them; never thought I would care before I took this class. In my Aerospace Safety class, we just finished learning about A&P mechanics’ responsibilities involving the FAA, as well as airport security. I did awesome on the A&P section considering I am a fully licensed one. Finally, my ATC labs are still not going as well as I would like them to. I am having a bit of trouble in there but nothing too bad. It is more of the sense of perfection I want to attain because this class is what I hope to do in my future life. I know I have a while before graduating, but I am already anxious and nervous about getting called into the FAA academy. A few people I know have graduated Embry-Riddle already and are still waiting for their ‘call’ by the FAA. Right now I am focused on getting a really high score on my AT-SAT, which is like the controller placement exam. But, there is only so much I can do right now so doing well in classes should be my only concern.

The last big event here in Daytona was Bike Week. There were so many motorcycles everywhere you turned. One cool thing I noticed was that if you had a specific type of bike design within a manufacturer, all of those bikers would stick together and ride in huge packs. Another thing I noticed were the bonds all the bikers shared. If a motorcycle broke down on the side of the street then other bikers would immediately pull over and offer assistance. This would happen all over town. I have seen so many different bikes in one week, some of them were crazy, some weird, and a lot looked very expensive. I went to Main Street the last night of bike week and it was so loud. The noise from hundreds of motorcycles echoing off of the buildings was almost deafening. Besides Bike Week, Spring Break has been going on in Daytona for about a month now. The beaches are filled with college kids and there are cars driving up and down the beaches with those Mardi Gras beads hanging off the mirrors for those who think they will see some action. In all honesty though, don’t think that Spring Break in Daytona Beach is anything like the Spring Break you see in Cancun on MTV. It is still wild here but nothing compared to that stuff.

So much has been going on here that time is just disappearing and I know I will soon find myself back up in NJ for the summer. Hope everyone who reads my entries are finding them helpful and if there is anything you want me to talk to you about email me or post it on the discussion board before it is too late. I want to congratulate my brother Seth and his new Fiance Christy on their engagement. Stay safe during your break, have fun, and remember you only live once but don’t get caught. Enjoy your Spring Break!

March 27, 2006

Whaddup y’all, just thought I’d drop a line now that classes are about to begin tomorrow (sigh, back to the grind!). Spring break was great; I had some fun, though it wasn’t nearly as exciting as I would have liked it to be (!). I’m thinking I should have maybe gone back to Los Angeles as I was invited to, but it just wouldn’t have been worth the drive (and I don’t have enough credit card miles to fly back for free just yet). So yeah, I was in Daytona Beach over Spring break. I slept past noon every day, ate dinner at about 2 AM (I-Hop and I got to know each other very well), then went out with a couple of other guys who were hanging around here too, and did random stuff in and around Daytona. I think I’m about ready to go back to classes and face another month of classes and then I’m free!

Anyway, an annoying thing about my scheduling came up over break. Priority registration for Honors students begins the first day of class (which is tomorrow), so I wanted to lay my schedule out. Unfortunately, because I audited EGR 120, I now can’t take my Statics ES 201 class as I had planned. And without ES 201 I can’t go into Fluids, Dynamics and Solids (ah, the much hated three headed dragon). If I take Statics in the Fall, it will push the dragon into Spring ’07, which is the semester that I’ll be going through Field Training Preparation for the Air Force. Field Training is possibly the junction point for ROTC cadets, as it’s when we go off and live on an Air Force Base for a month. It’s a high pressure environment, designed to test your training, physical limits and mental mettle, at the end of which you move up from the General Military Course to the Professional Officer Core. It’s like boot camp for officers, and training for it is going to take up most of my time during Spring 07. If I have to deal with nine credits of Physics as well, either my grades or the Air Force is going to get second priority, and I’d really rather that didn’t happen.

So I’m going to have to take summer classes here at Riddle. So it happens that I can’t take Statics or EGR 120 at any other community college. And since they aren’t co-requisites but prerequisites, I’m going to have to take EGR 120 over Summer A and ES 201 over Summer B. That’ll unlock the dragon for me in Fall 07, and I’m in the clear come Field Training Semester. Oh well, long as I get to go back to good ol’ Cali for a while and refresh myself, I’m cool. Daytona is a lovely place; I really don’t mind staying here over the summer. The only thing that kinda sucks is that I’ll have no real vacation and I’ll be taking six credits from ERAU as well as six humanities credits from a community college and I haven’t decided on which one yet. Twelve credits over summer, nineteen planned for Fall, then cutting down to twelve (the bare minimum to keep me a full time student) FTP semester.

All right, well, that’s my sit as of right now, guys! Classes start tomorrow (I’ll be missing ROTC because I’ve gotta drive to Orlando for a job), and hopefully I’ll be able to keep it together for a month. Ciao, y’all!

MOTTO FOR THE FORTNIGHT: ‘Almost’ only counts in hand grenades and nuclear warfare.

March 23, 2006

Hi Guys,

Everybody here is really thrilled about Spring Break. It is just going to be crazy here. Most of us are leaving back home for the week, but however let that not disappoint you. Spring Break in Daytona Beach usually is for just nearly a month long, so by the time we all return, it is still going to be on!!!

Many people come from all over the world just to have fun here during Spring break. Bike week was last week and it was crazy, motorcycles everywhere! The sound kind of got really annoying and my ears didn’t like it. I am going back home to St. Petersburg, FL to enjoy some time with my family since I haven’t seen them in nearly two months. When I come back, the party will be on, but I can’t let that take too much advantage over me, I still have to focus that I am here to study, not party.

I hope that everyone who is reading my journal is really coming to Embry-Riddle and gets in touch with me. I find this a very neat idea for people who are interested to come to a University and be able to actually read what the REAL STUDENTS think of here and experience every week. I believe that when you read from us rather then from the administrators, you will get straight up answers to your questions and not any hidden answers. The weather is still amazing here, which means all the folks who came to party here in Daytona, have chosen the right place. It has been getting warmer and warmer, which I don’t like. But it is Florida!!

Only a few more weeks to go until the Spring Semester is over here, then for the Summer A Term which is from May until late June, I will be taking courses at St. Petersburg at a Community College to save myself some big money. If you can transfer some credits absolutely do so, because it saves you lots of money.

But I chose to come here as a Freshman because I knew what I wanted to do, if you don’t know what you want to do, I’d suggest definitely going to a Community College and taking General Education courses there. Because the upper level courses you can not transfer since it is towards your major here.

Ok that’s it. Please e-mail me at DinkoResidovic@hotmail.com for questions about Embry-Riddle. Have a safe Spring Break!!

March 23, 2006

Hey everyone! Here it is: Spring Break. And I’m in Daytona. I’m really glad I stayed here, even though almost everyone else went home. I went to the beach yesterday, which was fun. Windy, but fun. I’m also trying to make the most out of having my room to myself. Both my roommates went out of town, so this week I have everything to myself. It’s great. There’s been a fair amount of getting in trouble for people down here, probably partly due to the increase in cops, and also the novelty of a week with no school and nice weather. I’ve been trying to steer clear of trouble as best as I can though 😉

A couple weeks ago, one of the “super-seniors” here, who was also in AFROTC, was killed in a motorcycle accident. That Friday we had a memorial service, which was really sad, but also very beautiful in a way. I didn’t know him very well other than that he was my ROTC mentor in September. Condolences to the Brooks family.

Oddly enough, I don’t really have a whole lot else to report. I’m looking forward to the semester ending so I can go back home again. It’ll only be about two or so weeks that I’m home, but there’s a lot I want to do when I finally get back, so I’m excited about that. The trip home in itself is always somewhat of an adventure as well. That’s all for now. Any questions? kenyonj@erau.edu and post them on the discussion board. Later, kids!